5 Best Places For Investment, Living, Business & Shopping in Ghaziabad


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A few months back, many of our readers sent us a special request for advice on the best places for investment, living, businesses & Shopping in Ghaziabad.
Here we prepare a list of Top 5-best places for Investment, Living, Business, and Shopping in Ghaziabad.

1. Indirapuram
That Indirapuram is good for urban living. Peoples who are love to live in highrise residential group-housings, then the Indirapuram is the best area in Ghaziabad, There are many high-end residential group-housing societies such as ATS Advantage, Orange County, Windsor Park, Krishna Apra Gardens, Shipra Krishna Vista, & many more. The Indirapuram is a paradise for shoppers, there are several famous hot-spot of Delhi-NCR such as Shipra Mall, Indirapuram Habitat Center, Krishna Apra Plaza, Windsor Plaza Market, etc. Apart from living the Indirapuram is one of the best places for modern retail business startups.

2. Raj Nagar & RDC
The Raj Nagar is the high-gentry area of Ghaziabad. If you want to live in a posh area, the Raj Nagar is best for you. Most of the prominent peoples of Ghaziabad are living in Raj Nagar. Maximum financial institutions and Uttar Pradesh government offices are in Raj Nagar. Ghaziabad’s first planned commercial township RDC (Raj-Nagar  District Center) is also a part of Raj Nagar & the RDC is good for all types of business startups & shopping.

3. Raj Nagar Extension
The Raj Nagar Extension is a high-density population area of Ghaziabad. The high-density is good for retail businesses/startups. All types of retail businesses can get good growth to hear. There are several residential societies market and properly organized commercial complexes, where you can choose the right commercial space for your business & shopping needs such as VVIP Mall etc.  Residential property price is low in Raj Nagar Extension in comparison to other organized residential areas of Ghaziabad. The Raj Nagar Extension is directly connected to Delhi via Indias longest elevated road and also properly connected to public transportation facilities such as metro and domestic airport.

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4. Old Ghaziabad Area
Old Ghaziabad is a highly congested population area. It’s a good place for all types of retail businesses & Shopping. There are several very famous market place such as Turab Nagar Market, Ghanta Ghar Market, Ramteram Road Market, Navyug Market, Kirana Mandi, Chopla Mandir Market, etc

5. Vasundhara
Vasundhara is a peaceful, low density, and highly open/green area of Ghaziabad. It is one of the best places for villa/independent house/Kothi living. Vasundhara is properly connected to multiple public transportation facilities such as metro, rail, road & airport, etc. There are no Malls in Vasundhara, residents can go for shopping in nearby Malls such as World Square Mall, Shipra Mall, etc

Investors Vote
[Total: 9 Average: 4.2]


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