Review: Investment in Krishna Apra Plaza, Indirapuram, Loss or Profit


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Krishna Apra Plaza Market is situated in a very prime location of Indirapuram. It is at the main entry gate of Shipra Mall. This retail commercial market has wide frontage. This market is properly visible and walkable to everyone. It is just 01-minute drive from NH-24 Highway. This is one of the best location markets of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

The Krishna Apra Plaza market is in the services since the year 2010.

Krishna Apra Shopping Plaza, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Advantages | Good Factors
The Krishna Apra Plaza market is all around surrounded by several ready to move residential societies such as Krishna Apra Gardens, Parshavnath Prestige, Shipra Sun Towers,  The Shipra Sun City, Gaur Green City, SPS Residency, Express Garden, The Saya Gold Avenue and many more.

There is more than 01-lakh resident staying nearby the Krishna Apra Plaza. Which is a very good sign for retail business startups and commercial property investment.

The layout design of the Krishna Apra Plaza Market is excellent. All commercial retail shops of this market are properly visible from the main road, even the inner side shops are also very much visible.

Already several big brands are operating their retail stores in this market such as PC Jewelers, PP Jewelers, Krishna Jewelers, SR Jewelers, Custom Seized Goods, ICICI Bank, Shri Vinayak Avas Private Limited, Chawla Tanduri Junction, and many more.

This high street retail market is a paradise for retail business startups. The customer’s footfall, in this market, is quite high. It is the best approachable location market of Indirapuram. And which is a very good sign for investment.

The Krishna Apra Plaza market is a place where you can spend the leisure time with shopping. There are wide corridors for walking and proper sitting arrangements. There are enough parking spaces in front of the commercial complex. The Krishna Apra Plaza, Indirapuram is perfectly maintained. So there is no doubt that this commercial property is very good for retail business startups and investment purpose.

Krishna Apra Plaza Indirapuram Ghaziabad

Product & Developer
The Krishna Apra Plaza is situated in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. This market is developed by the Krishna Apra Group. It’s a prime location high street retail market.

Price | Lease Price
Krishna Apra Shopping Plaza retail shops sale & lease price start at approx:-

Ground Floor 50,000-80,000 200-250
First Floor 20,000-25,000 100-150


The Krishna Apra Plaza market is very good for retail business startups. The customer’s footfall, in this market, is quite high. Any retail business can give good growth here. The investors and business startups can get more than 6% per annum return from their investment in Krishna Apra Plaza market.

The Krishna Apra Shopping Plaza is a perfect place for jewelry, saree, and feminines item shopping in Indirapuram.

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