Review : Investment in Alphathum, Sector 90, Noida, Loss or Profit

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As per Location
The Alphathum is located at 120 ft wide road of the sector 90, Noida. The beauty of this project is that this project is very close to the residential sector 137 Noida. This property/project is very well connected to the Noida Expressway and upcoming sector 142 & 137 Noida metro station. So can say the location of the Alphathum is very prime. Google Route Map – Alphathum

Possession | Construction Update
The Alphathum project is under construction. The promised date of delivery/possession is in the year of December 2019.  The project may be the delay for a year.

alphathum, sector 90, noida

Advantages | Good Factors
The residential sector 137, Noida is adjoined to the Alphathum and which is a high-density population area. There is a huge urban rich residential population which is a very good sign for commercial property investment.

The Alphathum is properly visible to all passers from connecting roads of the sector 137, 142, 90 and Noida Expressway. There are several urban rich residential societies like the Exotica Fresco, The Logix Blossom County, The Paras Tierea, The Supertech Ecociti, The Paramount Floraville, The Purvanchal Royal Park, The Ajnara Daffodil, The Gulshan Vivante, The Supertech Eco Suites, The Subhkamna Tech-Homes, and Ajnara Element etc. These residential societies have more than 10 thousand flats and a population of more than 50 thousand people which is also a very good sign of investment in Alphathum.

The layout design of commercial office space is also very impressive. The office space is well furnished and designed to cater to every business. The project has the proper parking space for stakeholders and visiting guests. The overall layout design of Alphathum is excellent.

The Alphathum offered the world largest rooftop infinity pool with a zen garden, jogging track, restaurant, and gym. According to builder building created in sync with climate responsiveness.
The innovative features of this project are three levels of basement parking and two levels of ground parking and integrated business centers.

The Noida Greater Noda Expressway is an IT BPO companies destination.

The biggest plus point of this project is that this is the only centralized air-condition commercial retail Mall in this area, Which will serve more than 50 thousand people of sector 137 Noida. And there is no any other competitor of the Alphathum project in this area.

This project is very well connected to all type of public transport facilities and other civic facilities. The Sector 137  & sector 142 Noida metro station is the closest to this project at a distance of about 500 meters from ALPHATHUM. This is the only Mall/Retail/Fun & Entertainment/IT-office space project in this area, which is very close to the Noida Expressway, It is a just 10-minute distance from the DND Flyway.

Product & Developer
The Alphathum, is situated in the sector 90, Noida. This project is under developing by the Bhutani Infra Group. This project is consist of commercial retail shops,  IT-office space etc. It’s a Mall type property.

Builder Profile
The Bhutani builder has a good market reputation in the real estate industry. He has successfully delivered i-THUM, IT-Office space project in sector 62 Noida.


Key Point | Advice
These days developer of the Alphathum project offering buyers so many interesting payments plans to invest in this project/property, commercial retail shops, and IT-office spaces, like the 12% assured return, lease guaranty, and the 50-50 payment plans etc.

That builder/project who offer this kind of investment offers is not in the category of secure investment. As our experience most assured return and lease guaranty properties are an investment of loss.

Do not put your hard earned money in the builder’s seduction, assured return & lease guaranty properties are always an investment of risk. So invest wisely.

Basically, the assured return & lease guaranty is nothing, the real estate developers sell their low money property at a very higher price and return your hard earned money in the name of assured return and lease guaranty to you in the form of EMI. Actually, they are making you fool.

This property is best suited if you are willing to hold onto a longer term for returns as the real estate market would take a couple of more years to appreciate in the locality. As for the location of the property is concerned it is a prime locality with all required amenities located within 1-2 KM. And this is subjected to the completion of this project on the set time, in the year 2019.

It is probably not the right choice of investment for those who are looking for ROI in the next year or so. There may not be a real appreciation of value for resale in the next couple of year. In fact, investors who are trying to make a re-sale of their property in the Alphathum hardly get any client. The resale is not yet to start.

Alphathum, Sector 90, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

The maximum Mall or Mall type properties are not the good and safe investment options in the Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area. The maximum investors who invested in Mall type properties are in 99% loss.

Actually, only a few Malls is running fine in Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area, like The Shipra Mall, The GIP Mall, The DLF Mall of India etc otherwise all other Mall type properties are the investment of 99% loss.
But to see the excellent location of this project, we can hope that this project will perform very well.

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The 9 out of 10 real estate developers are bad in the Noida. Where many big brands defaulter, the question of the unknown is always at risk.

In the current real estate scenario, we find that a large number of real estate developers diminishing from the market with more regulatory in place.

The prices won’t very much hike at least for a couple of years because of the huge unsold commercial property on the Noida Expressway.

Alpathum, Sector 90, Noida expressway

Price | Lease Price
At Present the Alphathum office space is for sale and resale at the price INR Rs. 5K per sq ft to INR Rs 5.5K per sq ft plus other charges.

The price is reasonable for investment in this type of good property. All investments in the Alphathum is excellent and gives very good returns in near future.

The Alphathum is good for business startups.

At present, if anyone invests in the Alphathum he may get minimum 4 to 5% per annum return if the developer complete this project in the set time frame. The investment of ALPHATHUM, IT-office space and commercial retail shops is safe and avail good returns in near future.

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  1. Good property, good location, builder is also reputed
    I have purchased office space in this project Alphathum in assured return plan.

    Feedback is good

    • Can you let us know the details of return plan

    • I was planning to invest. Can i get your contact details Rakesh Ji.

  2. hi Sachin Ji,
    Myself Vikas

    12% assured return office space price is 6000 per sq ft, in alphathum

    loan plan is also avilable, that is 20% 60% and rest on possession

    for more details please call 98*****28

  3. Hi, Friends
    I have visited their projects like the ithum and the World Square Mall, The ithum is good but the World Square Mall is not good, it’s a very dirty location, can say it’s a dirty Mall. The world square Mall construction quality and maintenance is very poor, maximum space of the world square mall us unsold or unleashed.

    Now they are giving office spaces at Rs 5,000 per sq ft to Rs. 6000/- per sq ft . Somewhere around 530, 850, 1640 and a 1300+ sq ft unit is available.

    Offering Assured return at 10, 11 and 12% depending upon how much initial payment you make. So like a 850 sq ft will cost about around 40,00,000.
    My main concern with them is how to ensure that they will honor the assured returns cheques. No doubt they have good past record but I have seen many good builders not being able to cope up with the finances in big projects. And as far as I know there is No possible way to safeguard our self in this aspect. The Bank guarantee are for one year only and the Builder buyer Agreement ( BBA) is often not honored by real estate developers.

    1. If they take let’s say 5 years to complete, will they still honor the cheques ? The Alpathum is must be delayed by more than 3 year. As we have nothing to guarantee that, we will have to blindly trust them?

    2. Can the project we scrapped in between or struck for a very long time, as is the case in many projects.

    3. The sales staff of the Alphathum was telling that HT and some other big companies have already purchased multiple floors, which is a good sign but what’s the proof?

    • i would like to answer your third question

      please read news paper daily
      thats it

      • hi Vikas,

        Can you provide your delear contact details. I’m planning for investment in this project

    • Well analyzed…… but, whos going to answer these questions!

  4. Alphathum is one of the best projects at Expressway in term of investment, location as well as Builder track record in IT office space construction and commitment.At present scenario of only the builder has given 20 percent to 30 percent return on their existing projects.

  5. Hi, actually this builder the Alphathum Bhutani creating marketing propaganda
    The construction speed is slow day by day,
    By selling their space in assured return plans he is just filling his pockets and making us fool

    This is a new builder in real estate industry, only the World square Mall Mohan nagar, Ghaziabad developed by him originally

    There are many other reputed and experiences partners in the iThum project

    Alphathum means marketing marketing and marketing

  6. Hi,
    I am staying in Purvanchal, Sector 137, Really there is very much need of a Mall in sector 137 Noida. The Spectrum Metro is good location project. But the construction is moving very slow…. Is the builder complete this project in set time frame.. ?

  7. Dear All


    I am also very intersted to book 200 FT office space at Alphathum. Many sales team have called to me from Squareyard another site. Could you tell me excaltly this is good for me to invest with construction link plan and assured return INR 78000PA. Kindly waiting your good suggestion and advice.

    • Hi, Mahboob,
      Go for without assured return plan… it is better than the assured return.
      Actually, the assured return plan is a trick of fundraising. The Real estate developer sells its non-salable property with a greedy plan on a very higher price, to innocent customers in the name of assured return. They are making you fool.

      • Hi there please contact for any queries related to alphathum and the price of alphathum

        • Hi,
          Deepank, phone no and other contact information not permitted in comment section.

  8. Hello Admin Could you suggest to me i want to invest in this project is it the right decision or not kindly revert me back asap

    • Hi, Sneha
      Who is this Mohit Gupta? The email address you provide in this comments is associated with more than 100 hundred domains… ?

  9. howz in the investment in this project for 4-5 yr ?
    is builder going to pay per month till possession and psf after possession ?

  10. Bhutanis are cheats.They are not even honouring their commitments in WSM.They will so the same in Alphathum.
    Stay away

    • Hello Jay.. please provide more information about WSM and what bhutanis are upto. It will be great help.

      • I had bought a shop from them under assured return. As per the agreement, there was to be a 15% increase in rent after three years. Its been about one year and they are not giving me increased rent on some pretext or the other. They had lured me to 10% assured return instead of 12% initially citing this 15% increase after 3 yrs but they are not honoring their commitments. Their word has no value. They are not trustworthy. That’s my experience

        • Jyadater assured return and lease guaranty propdrties me aise he fals commetment hote h,

  11. I’m planning to invest. Can you please anyone let me know the offer

    • hi sir please call me for best investment plan


  12. Its been an year, i have invested in Alphathum By Bhutani Group and the experience has been great. One of Family members also invested in there last Project i thum and he is very satisfied with the project so he reccomended me Alphathum.
    I have alraedy got a good appriciation on the price i bought and i will reccomend Alphathum you.

    • This Jitendra Choudhary is a Digital Marketing expert, he is commenting through the Builder. he has nothing any investment in Alphathum.
      Mr Jitendra don’t do spams next time, otherwise i blocked you permanently

  13. Hi,
    Everything is fine in Alphathum, except possession.

    I m interested to buying, is there any one who get assured return regularly.

    I want to know that if they take 2-3 more years to complete the project, will they continue gives assured returns till possession?

    • boss muskil h, assured return alwayes riskey . ans is 50-50 builder de v sakta h aur nahi v, vaise jyadater builders ne nahi diea h, and assured retuen projects alwayes delay.

  14. What’s the best project for investment on noida expressway

  15. Don’t invest….. I didn’t get any return from my investment. Its more than 5 month now. No reply from their team after writing of many mails….

    Don’t put your money in alphathum

    It’s cheating business

    • Please provide your investment details..if uve done then you will surely get the return.

    • Bhavesh Sir,
      Can you share what exactly happen with you. Please share your details so other investors can better understand what exactly Alphathum is

  16. hi Admin,

    Can you please suggest me best and safe projects for investment. Looking for your prompt revert….

    and m also looking for investment in this projet…

    waiting for your kind revert,,,

  17. Hi please confirm, should I invest in Alphathum or any other project, I am looking for a investment in next couple of days However not yet make my mind to opt any 1

  18. Please advise is it good to invest in Alphathum or should I go in else

    • Hi I am looking to invest in virtual space in alphathum. Is it right at this time. Also what lease is builder offering and best rates

  19. Do you have available office in Alphathum.
    What Will be total cost inlcuding everything for 750 or 850 SQFT.
    No hidden costs pls.
    It’s GST free project?


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