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Article by Rimjhim Dubey

A few months back, many of our readers sent us a special request for advice on the best high-rise residential societies/apartments/flats for living in Vadodara. Here we prepare a list of Top 10-best group-housings residential societies/apartments for living, in Vadodara.

1. Naysa SkyDale, Channi
Dreaming for a beautiful home that will give you love, attention, and a beautiful memory, then Nysa Sky dale is the best place for you. Nysa Sky dale will give you a luxurious lifestyle with a very contemporary touch. This residential project is filled with modern architecture, as well as it will give you a beautiful living experience. The lavishing design of the interior and exterior will attract you to the extent.

Nysa Sky dale is situated in the Chhani area of Vadodara. It has a total of 10 Towers which consist of 400 apartments. This project is in ready to move position.. This project provides you amenities like Clubhouse, jogging Park, swimming pool, security, Garden, gymnasium, Indoor Game Room, kids play area, flower Gardens, meditation area, multipurpose hall, event space.

Well, known infrastructure near this place is the Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway which is at a distance of only one kilometer, Vadodara airport is at a distance of 8 km. Prominent schools and infrastructure are in close proximity such as DPS School, PVR Cinema, Hospital, ATM, MS University, etc.

Sizes:- Nysa Sky dale offers you 2 BHK and 3 BHK properties. This undertaking is spread over a complete region of 5 acres. The size of the apartment/flat is 1445, 1645, 2060, 2500 sq ft.

Price:- Property price range ₨ 2500 per sqft for Nysa Sky dale, Channi, Vadodara. The average rent is between ₨ 12,000 to ₨ 25,000/month.

2. Bakeri Swara, Makarura
Bakeri Swara is a residential project which is constructed in a very open and wide space. It has all the amenities which a luxurious living need. It is very close to the ABB campus. Bakeri Swara consists of different Towers which has 472 Apartments/flat. These Apartments/flats are constructed in such a way that it feels very lavishing and the interior and exterior of the apartments are really awesome.

It is at a distance of 1 kilometer from National Highway, ONGC, and a large MNC is situated in this area. Bakeri Swara provides amenities like Clubhouse, jogging park, power backup, lift, security, reserve parking, gymnasium, Indoor Game Room, kids play area, multipurpose hall, etc.

Sizes:- Bakeri Swara is developed in the total area of 6 acres. 50% of this project is an open space. This residential society has 2BHK 3BHK and 4 BHK apartments/flats. The size of the apartment is 975, 1550 sqft.

Prices:- Property price range is between ₨ 2,769 to ₨ 2,968 per sqft of Bakeri Swara, Makarpura, Vadodra.The average rent of this residential property is between ₨9,000 to ₨16,000/month.

3. Akshar Pavilion, Gotri
Akshar Pavilion is a residential project which is in the Centre of Vadodara. The Gotri area is called the heart of Vadodara. Akshar Pavilion residential property is manufactured by the Akshar group.  This project has a total of 21 Towers in which 415 Apartments/ flats are there. Akshar Pavilion offers you amenities like Clubhouse, jogging and strolling track, tennis court, cycling and jogging track, gymnasium, and kids play areas and security as well

Prominent schools, shopping centers, and Malls are in close proximity are Navrachna School, bright day school, Navrachana University, DPS, Nalanda School, Poddar International School, vigor international school, Orbit Mall, and ISKCON Temple, etc.

The railway station and Airport is at a distance of 10 and 15 minutes respectively. Several government offices and corporate offices are also at a very close distance from this residential property.

Sizes:-The apartments/Flat are 1000, 1400,1450, 1475, 1750, 1950 sqft. Akshar Pavilion has 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments/ flats.

Prices:- Price of the property is ₨2,600 per sqft of Akshar Pavilion, Gotri, Vadodara. The average rent is between ₨ 10,000 to ₨ 15,000/month.

4. Darshanam Aagman, Waghodia Road
Darshanam Aagman is a residential group housing society is situated at Waghodia Road, Vadodara. All the residential flats are very spacious and well equipped. The apartment design is magnificent and luxurious. It is the largest residential Township located at the Centre of Vadodara. This project offers your lavish designer luxurious flat.

This project offers amenities like a clubhouse, private terrace, power backup, security, reserve parking, gymnasium, and kids play area, meditation area, Mini cinema, multipurpose hall. The airport and Railway station is just 20-minutes away from Darshanam Aagman.

Prominent schools and institutions are in close proximity such as Parul University, Sigma Institute, Babaria Institute of Technology, Shree Ambe Vidyalaya, Swami Vivekanand Vidyalaya, Narayan Vidyalaya, etc. Well-known hospital such as Aradhya Hospital, City Hospital, Solace Hospital, Mangalam Hospital is also in the close proximity.

Sizes:- The Flat/ Apartment are 1046, 1071 sqft.Darshanam Aagman has a total of 10 Tower which consists of 247 flats/apartments. The Township has 2BHK flats.

Prices:- Property price range is ₨ 2000 per sq ft for Darshanam Aagman, Waghodia road.Vadodara.The average rent is between ₨ 7,000 to ₨ 13,000 Per month.

5. Darshanam Club Life, Gotri
Darshanam Club Life is the best project of Vadodara which is filled with lots of amenities and offers you a luxurious lifestyle. It is in the central area of Vadodara call Gotri. The Club Life project of Vadodara offers you 4BHK Villa in a very modern and spacious manner. It has a total of 138 luxurious Villa which you will get at the price of an apartment.

This luxurious villa offers all the amenities like a Garden, senior citizen sitting, children play area, sandpit, indoor kids play area, large Lounge, library, ladies and gents spa, banquet hall with kitchen party lawns, furnished guest roots, Indoor Game hall, and billiards room. They also provide health-related facilities like Gym, health club, table tennis room, swimming pool, etc.

This project is situated basically in the Centre at Gotri main road. The prominent institution which is in the proximity is IPCL School, GSFC University. Well-known infrastructure near this project is Tapovan Temple, Bansal Mall while the distance of the railway station is 6 kilometers and the Airport is 12 kilometers.

Sizes:- Size of the Villa are 2440, 3500, 2700, and 3300 sqft. This township has a 4BHK independent Villa.

Prices:- Property price range is ₨2500 per sqft. The undertaking of this project is spread over a complete area of 450000 square feet. The average rent is between ₨ 26,000 to ₨ 40,000 / month.

6. Narayan Greenwoods, Sama Savli Road
Every family wants its own home. Narayan Greenwoods is intended to satisfy these fantasies with some lovely amusements arranged close to the public highway. In a profoundly energetic Cosmopolitan zone with recreational focuses and food for enjoyment. This residential group housing property is situated on Sama Savli Road Vadodara.I t is of the main locality of Vadodara. Narayan Greenwoods are filled with all the facilities that a family required to lead a lavishing life. Narayan Greenwoods has a total of 176 units.

This residential property offers amenities like a swimming pool, lift, security, gymnasium, Indoor Game Room, kids play area, flower garden, earthquake-resistant, multipurpose hall, CCTV camera, etc. The Narayan Greenwoods are properly connected with the main points of Vadodara.  Hospitals, shopping malls are in very close proximity to this residential property. This project is planned in a very accurate manner.

Sizes:- Narayan greenwoods offers you 3BHK apartments. This property is spread over a complete region of 50000 sqm. The size of the apartment/ flat is 1259, 1280 sqft.

Prices:- Property price range is between ₨ 2100 to ₨ 2200 per sqft for Narayan greenwoods Sama Savli Road, Vadodara. The average rent is between ₨ 7,000 to ₨ 13, 000 Per Month.

7. Naryan Sanskruti, Atladra
Narayan Sanskrit is situated in the Atladra area of Vadodara. This residential group-housing property is perfectly designed for modern architecture. Narayana Sanskriti is a highly maintained and secured residential complex. Narayan Sanskriti homes are carefully arranged and intended to find some kind of harmony between personal satisfaction and incentive for cash. Narayan Sanskriti homes are planned and design in such a way that it will fulfill the dreams of a luxury apartment in your budget.

The Narayana Sanskriti has 2 towers in which 72 apartments/flats. The Project has amenities like Clubhouse, cycling and jogging track, power backup, lift, security, Park, intercom facility, gym, kids play area, rainwater harvesting.

Well-known schools, colleges, hospitals, Temple, shopping malls, supermarkets are inside the region of three kilometers.

Sizes:- Narayan Sankruti offers you 2BHK Apartments/flats. This undertaking is spread over a complete region of 6695 sqm. The size of the apartment/flat is 1191 sqft.

Prices:- Property price range is between ₨ 2,000 to ₨ 2,800 per sqft for Narayan Sanskriti, Atladra, Vadodara. The average rent is between ₨ 9,000 to ₨ 16,000 Per Month.

8. Pratham Rivera, Atladra
If you love nature than Pratham Riviera in Atladra, Vadodara is the best residential property for you. Appreciate this in the mix of the evergreen vistas that will welcome your eyes at Riveria. Open your home to an unhandled perspective on the delightful horizontal scroll into a clever plant space that gives abundant daylight and ventilation.

This project will take care of each and everything to make your Living very comfortable. It will also give you premium facilities like a garbage dump, an intercom system, and power backup. A spot where each prospect satisfies a guarantee of more joy, more satisfaction, or more all the harmony.

This project will also give you facilities like a swimming pool, security, gymnasium, Indoor Game Room, kids play area. Well, known infrastructure like medical facilities, hospitals, Shopping centers, airports, railway stations, schools, Highways is in really very close proximity. Pratham Riviera is in a ready to move position.

Sizes: – Pratham Riviera offers 2BHK, 3BHK apartments/flats. This undertaking is spread over a complete region of 12,5000 sqm. This property contains a total of 8 towers in which 193 Apartment/flats are there. The size of the apartment flats is 1207, 1475, 1638 sqft.

Prices:- Property price range is between ₨1698 to ₨1899 per sqft. The average rent of this property is between₨ 5,000 to ₨12,000 Per Month.

9. Pratham Meadows, Bhayli Road
Pratham Meadows Vasna Bhayli Road Vadodara. One glance at Pratham Meadows and you will comprehend what makes it so unique. The bespoke Jali work, the Bloom theme decorating the passageway, the block highlights, and each and every detail is created flawlessly and saturated with selectiveness. It’s emerging from an external perspective. It similarly Roomy from within.
This project will also provide amenities like Clubhouse, power backup, swimming pool, security, intercom facility, CCTV camera, rainwater harvesting, kids play area, gymnasium. Pratham Meadows consists of 70 Villa.

Sizes:- Pratham Meadows offers you a 4BHK independent villa. It a 5.13-acre residential development. The size of the property is 973, 144,1912,1961 sqft.

Prices:- Property price range is between ₨ 4,000 to ₨ 9300 per sqft.The average rent of this property is between ₨ 19,000 to ₨ 32,000/month.

10. Narayan Greenscapes, Sama 
Narayan Greenscapes residential group housing is situated in New Sama, Vadodara.  The property is properly connected to the main points of  Vadodara City. Well-known institutions in close proximity like schools, colleges, hospitals, Temple, shopping, mall, and supermarkets, etc.

The project offered amenities like Clubhouse, power, backup, swimming pool, lift, security, Park, intercom facility, gymnasium, kids play area, firefighting equipment.

Sizes:- Narayan green scapes offer you 3BHK property. The apartment/flats sizes are 1645, 1688, 1875, 1727, 1912, 1823 sqft.

Price:-Property price range is between ₨ 2,200 to ₨ 3200 per sqft for Narayan Greenscapes, apartments. The average rent is between ₨ 9,000 to ₨ 12,000 per month.

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