Top 10 Best Property Consultants of Delhi NCR


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In commercial real estate, a real estate broker, agent, realtor, or property dealer is not only a person or firm who arranges transactions between the buyer and seller for commission but even more to choose the best and profitable investment products for you.

A good broker is one who does not only go with the buyer’s suggestion but tells him what is a good investment for him. Not that whatever the buyer said and he accepts that, only for their commission.
A good broker is identified in commercial real estate to know what is a good investment for the buyer. A good broker works for relation not only for commission.

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The commercial property is purely an investment and a commercial property dealer must have the following qualities:- Comparative Market Analysis, Total Market Overview, Broker’s Price Opinion, Real estate appraisal. Property Management, Exchanging property. Finding a branded tenant for lease.

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It is a fact, commercial property investment is not subjected to the real estate market appreciation. It is directly related to several important factors such as Location, Layout design, Maximum Visibility, Easy Approach, Urban Rich Gentry, Civic Facilities, and Limited Supply. Actually, commercial property investment is a science. If you understand this then you will become a gainer, otherwise loser.

Here we come up with the top 10 best commercial property dealers/agents/consultants/realtors/firms of Delhi NCR (Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, & Delhi)

1. Square Yards Consulting
Square Yards Consulting Private Limited scrutinizes the titles of the projects and the builder’s capacity and past records before recommending to the investors. Read More…

2. Bullman Realty 
Before undertaking/selling/booking of any real estate project, they fully assess the disadvantages and advantages of the property. If they found the property is good for investors, then it only takes steps for selling and leasing. They assure the best price in the industry. Metro. Read More…..

3. Anarock Property Consultants 
The Anarock (Anarock Property Consultants Private Limited) is the prominent real estate broker of India. The Anarock mainly deals in original bookings of residential properties in India. Recently Anarock entering the commercial property consultancy business. Read More…

4. JLL
JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated) is a US-based real estate firm, offering its services across the globe. The company mainly assisting with the original booking, re-sale, purchase of industrial, commercial, retail, residential, and hotel real estate globally including India. Read More…

5. Cushman & Wakefield
Cushman & Wakefield began as a small family business in New York more than 100 years ago, is now a leading global real estate services firm that delivers exceptional value for real estate occupiers and owners. Our iconic brand and approximately 51,000 people operating across approximately 400 offices in 70 countries. And from Silver Court in Shanghai to the Sears Tower in Chicago to all that comes next. Read More…

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6. Investors Clinic 
The Investors Clinic has very strong marketing in Delhi-NCR. If you are an investor and have money in your bank/pocket to buy property, don’t rely on marketing propaganda. Let’s check the facts and track records before selecting a real estate broker. Read More

7. Proptiger Realty 
mainly dealing with the original booking,re-sale, purchase of residential & commercial properties in India & abroad. They have successfully completed several residential & commercial property projects in PAN India. Read More…

8. SMC Real Estate Advisors 
SMC Real Estate scrutinizes the titles of the projects and the builder’s capacity and past records before recommending to the investors., Read More…

The BOP (BOP Pvt Ltd is mainly dealing in the residential & commercial properties of Delhi-NCR (Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad). The BOP has very strong marketing in Delhi-NCR. Let’s check the facts and track records of the BOP. Read More…

10. Karvy Realty 
Karvy Realty (Karvy Realty India Limited) is the prominent real estate broker of India. Karvy Realty is dealing with original bookings, pre-leased commercial properties throughout India. Before introducing any project for the investment they ensure strict protocols in evaluating properties, meeting developers. Read More…

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    What’s your criteria of top 10, could you explain more. Why you not writing about credit notes fraud of these real estate brokers.


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