Review : Illegal Kiosk Shops of Central Noida Markets sector 75, 76, 77, 78


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As per Location
These Kiosks type shops are situated in almost every market of the Central Noida sectors such as Gardenia Gateway market sector 75, Gardenia Golf street mart Sector 75, Amrapali princely estate market sector 76 and Amrapali Crystal homes market sector 76 Noida, etc.

All kiosks of the Central Noida markets are very prime locations. All kiosk is situated in front of all retail commercial markets. All kiosks are four sides open and properly visible from every angle. So the location of these kiosks shops is very prime.

All the Kiosk Shops of the Central Noida Markets in the services since the year 2016.

central noida kiosk

Drawbacks | Bad Factors
All the Kiosks shops are prime properties but the investment of these Kiosks Shops is very very risky because maximum kiosks shops of Central Noida sectors markets are illegal.

All kiosk is not in the builder project FAR, and not approved by the Noida Authority. The Noida Authority can demolish these kiosks any time whenever they want. So the investment in these kiosks shop is very risky.

kiosk shops, sector 75, noida, Gardenia golf city

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Price | Lease Price
Kiosks shops of central Noida sale/lease price starts at approx:-

10X10 Approx30/- to 40/- Lakh25,000-35,000 Per Month


Our advice to investors while purchasing these kiosks shops, keep in mind that the concern development authority can take legal action any time against these illegal kiosks. So invest carefully.

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  1. Builder’s and noida authorities are making us fool, they both r involved in this kind of cheating, they loot our hard earned Money

  2. Riskey investment true report
    Thank u


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