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As per Location
This project/property is situated in a very prime location, of the central Noida. This property is at the front of sector 50 Noida Metro Station. This commercial property is just opposite to the posh sector 50 Noida. This project is very well connected to all types of public transport facilities and other civic facilities.

The Spectrum Metro is a very prime location commercial project, and it’s only centralized air-condition commercial Mall type project in this area that caters a huge urban rich residential crowd of several posh sectors of central Noida such as 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 112, 116, and sector 117. Overall, It’s an ultimate location commercial project.

Possession | Construction Update

Construction Status Block B & C (Phase 1) are ready for possession, Phase-2 & 3 Under construction
Launch/Start Date Phase 1- December-2015
Phase 2 – July-2018
Phase 4 – June-2019
Possession Date Block C&D -December-2020 – Completed
Phase-2 -November-2023
Phase-3 -April-2024
RERA Registration No Spectrum Metro Phase-1 – UPRERAPRJ6018 (Block C &D)
Spectrum Metro Phase-2 – UPRERAPRJ17035
Spectrum Metro Phase-3 – UPRERAPRJ427696 (Block A&E)
Construction Stage Ongoing Phase – 2 & 3
Construction Company M/S Bam Bam Construction
Architect Name Vishal Mittal
Live Updates
COVID-19 Lockdown Status COVID-19, an event of ‘Force Majeure’. Completion date extended for 6 months for all projects expiring on or after 25.03.2020 by the Government.


Advantages | Good Factors
The Spectrum Metro is a project offering the perfect integration of retail, commercial, and hospitality in a single compound. The project is appealing not just from a design and concept perspective but the blueprint reveals that it would be functionally attractive too. The project dubbed as “Spectrum Metro” will have Four different sections to it namely Hospitality, Business first, Leisure and Entertainment. The design is set to lean towards the contemporary makes making it a premier locale for the desired few.

All the retail shops of all floors are perfectly designed for maximum visibility. The project is full of vigor and vitality.  The ground floor commercial retail shops of Spectrum Metro has a clear ceiling height of 22-Ft. Which feels a grand attraction. The ground floor retail shops are good for well-established retail brands. The investment in the ground floor retail shops is good for retail business startups and for regular rental income. The project has a very wide frontage approx 1-Kilometer. Overall, Spectrum Metro is ideally a perfect combination of location, layout, and planning. This project has a very wide frontage, approx one kilometer.

Spectrum Metro has multiple entries and exit points. Multiple exits and entry points attract customers/visitors quickly and provide maximum visibility/exposures to every retail area of the project. Which is a very good sign for commercial property investment.

The Spectrum Metro is right in the middle of the high-density population area of Central Noida and can denser more in upcoming years. There are more than 60-thousand flats and an urban rich residential population of more than 2-Lakh peoples. And the Spectrum Metro is the only mega commercial project at this location. And which is a very good sign for commercial property investment.

The layout design of commercial office space is also very impressive. The office space is well furnished and designed to cater to every business. The project has a proper parking space for stakeholders and visiting guests. The overall layout design and location of Spectrum Metro is excellent.

The Spectrum Metro can be the right choice of investment for those who are looking for ROI within a couple of years or so. They can get a real appreciation of value for resale in a couple of years. After completion the Spectrum Metro can be a famous Hotspot of Delhi-NCR.

The biggest plus point of the Spectrum Metro project is that this is the only mega Mall project in sectors 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 112, 116, and sector 117 of Noida. So there is no other competitor for the Spectrum Metro project. Which is also a very good sign for commercial property investment

Another biggest plus point of Spectrum Metro is that the project has direct Pedestrian entry  from the main metro station road. Which ensure customers footfall quickly.

The project has proper parking spaces for stakeholders and visiting guests. The project is very well connected to the main points of Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Noida Extension. Pedestrian entry

Commercial Real Estate Project Investment Criteria Table

Urban Rich Gentry High Class, Upper Middle Class. Within 500-Metter, ATS, Saha, Mahagun, Panchsheel, Prateek, Supertech, Ajnara, Antriksh, Amrapali, and many more A
Prime Location PLATINUM A1
Connectivity 10-Minute drive from- Kisan Chowk, NH-24, Sector 121 Noida.
Nearest Metro Station Walking distance (Sector 50)
Domestic Airport-23Km (Hindon Airport)
Layout Design Grand ceiling heights, full of vigor and vitality, excellent layouts, wide corridors, proper sitting & walking arrangements, highly visible retail, International standards office space A1
Multiple Entries Yes More Than 7 Entries A1
Visibility Highly visible, 4-side open corner property, very wide frontage A1
High-Density population More than 50-Thousand Flats and 2-Lakh urban rich people within walking distance and can denser more in upcoming years. A1
Youthful Footfall Sector-57 & Sector 62 Noida A
Public Security Police Station -10-Minute
Fire Station 10-Minute
Industrial Area Within 3-Km, Sector 63, 64, 65 Noida A
Urban/Civic Facilities Maximum facilities available A
Developers Credibility Zero C
Price Comparison Average A
Competitors No Competitors A1
Expected ROI 6% to 12% Annually A


Drawbacks | Bad Factors
The Maximum Mall or Mall type properties are not the good and safe investment options in the Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area. The maximum investors who invested in Mall type properties are in 99% loss.

Actually, only a few Malls are running fine in Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area such as The Shipra Mall, The GIP Mall, The DLF Mall of India, etc otherwise all other Mall type properties are the investment of 99% loss. But to see the excellent location of this project, we can hope that this project will perform very well.

The only risk is that (” kya builder iss project ko time per complete kar payaga ki nahi, or project ko complete karega bhe ki nahi”) Will this builder complete this project in the set time frame or not, because the previous and present track record of this builder is not good, the builder has not given timely possession of his any project.

The developer of the Spectrum Metro project and the Gardenia Golf City project are the same.  The Gardenia group is in the defaulter list of the Noida authority.

This is the first mega commercial project of this builder, so they have no experience to build and manage this type of commercial project/property.

Spectrum Metro Price & Developers Delivery Track Record Comparison With Other surrounding Residential Projects of Central Noida

Spectrum Metro Retail-21,000-30,000
Phase-1 delivered on-time, phase-3&4 ongoing, finest layout & location
MMR52nd Avenue Retail-29,000-30,000
Delay, possession date changed several times
Anthurium IT-Office-6,000 May be delay



Builders Profile | Track Record

  Spectrum Metro, Builders, Profile, Track record
PREDECESSOR Gardenia Infra Private Limited, AIMS Max Gardenia Developers Private Limited
PRODUCTS Apartments, Shopping Malls, Retail, Multiplexes
AREA SERVED Delhi-NCR (Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad)
PROJECTS COMPLETED (Residential) Gardenia Golf  City, Gardenia Gateway, Gardenia Glory, Gardenia Grace
DELIVERY TRACK RECORD Extremely Poor, Big time delayer (Not even a single real estate project delivered on time)
RISK Delay completion, poor construction quality, inexperienced builder, bank & Noida Authority dues
DEBT Defaulter (Builder is in the defaulter list of Noida Authority)
LITIGATION  YES (Facing Corruption charges)
OFFICE ADDRESS Flat No- G-004, Plot No-8, Sector-75 Noida
Phone +91 0120-6590800Plot No. C & D, Sector-75 Noida
Phone 8882500600


The construction material used by Gardenia builder in their projects is painfully below the standard which gives you a feeling that the builder has looted you with all your hard-earned money.


Spectrum Metro, Sector 75, Noida

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Price | Lease Price
The Spectrum Metro Mall retail commercial shops, office spaces, service apartments, medi floors are available in sale and resale at the prices approx:-

Retail Shop Lower Ground 21,500
Retail Shop Ground Floor 32,000
Retail Shop First Floor 23,000
Retail Shop Second Floor 16,500
Retail Shop Third Floor 15,000
Retail Shop Fourth Floor 13,500
Office Space 7,500
Serviced Apartments 8,500
Medi Floor 7,500
* Other Charges Extra

The price depends on the floor, location & asking price. The price is slightly higher for investment but worthy. The price of other charges is on the very higher side.

Spectrum Metro is good for well established retail brands and also for new business startups. After completion, possession of the Spectrum Metro Sector -75 Noida, investors may get a minimum of 6% per annum return and can grow more if the project complete in the set time frame. Overall, It’s an excellent location commercial project for investment.

CPR Ratings

Investors Vote
[Total: 24 Average: 3.6]



  1. Absolutely true feedback

  2. Hi
    Actually I want to invest in spectrum metro commercial property ground floor retail shop, because the location of this property is very prime , but after read this website review I investigate all fact’s and found that the profile of this builder is really not good,the developer of spectrum metro and gardenia golf city are same.

    Gardenia golf city are delay more than 4 years and till date not completed and construction is also very poor.

    Now I am double minded, I invest in spectrum metro or not..

    Overall feedback is 100% true and appreciate.

    Can any one suggest me what to do ?

    • Well sir, I do agree with you that the builder profile is not so good. But this is the most prime loaction of Noida( Central Noida), and investment in such type of property will certainly provide you with profits.

      And if talking about the location aspects,it is opposite to metro station, it catches nearly a population of over 5,00,000 people and the rates offered by spectrum metro are best.

      If u want i can take you to a visit on the site and then i can tell you about the rates. Its all upto you sir.
      I do understand that it’s your hard earned money so take as much time as you want.

      • And apart from that it is registered under RERA Act,where you can get all the details about the current status of the project.

    • hi, I have invested in spectrum metro Ground floor, 2nd shop from main Entrance, very good project 5 installments already paid, Evan construction Work is in full swing, is anybody is in interested to invest, I m selling my shop. due to investing in export and import business and needed urgent funds, I m not a broker. please if you have any enquirers do let me know. for further information.

      • Hello Rajiv ji, What’s the size of shop and your expectation in terms of price?

        • hello Deepesh ji, size of shop 545sq ft ground floor 2nd shop from the main entrance, please contact me

          • Intrested in buying your shop.

      • Hello Rajiv ji
        May I know the price of shop/office

        • Hello ajay ji,,, i can shere all the details if you interested ,, we can get in touch,,, plz request admin !! is there any way to send my contact , so they will contact me. that would be highly appreciate. thanks . my contact mail ,

      • i am interested please PM –

        • I have 3 shops in phase 2 of the spectrum metro

          • Is it good for investment?

      • I am Interested you can directly revert on my email id

  3. Actually feedback is good. The Developr of gardenia and spectrum metro is same, and the developer of this project is in defaulter list of Noida authority. So there is only a risk to investment in this property.

    No doubt location is very prime. But after reading this review i m totaly confused. Now i m thinking what to do

    • yes location is good but builder profile is not good so think about some other options as per location. with good builder.

      Rahul paliwal

    • Neera, hello there.
      There is no risk in investment in this this project is under RERA which is the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. So if this project won’t get completed by December 2020…the Noida authority will take over the project..first the scenario was totally different but now things have changed and the construction is in full swing. You will get a good return over your investment in this project located in such a prime location.

    • None of the project are completed yet .
      Architecture vise all residential project are horrible.
      Maintenance vise residential project are slum area like village in city .
      CC / OC has not obtained for any one of the project in past.
      Be very cautious while investing.
      If some miracle happens then this project can one of the best investments.

  4. Spectrum metro really a very good location project’ but builder is really not reliable .
    Location is ultimate “he lottery h laggai to maza nahi to saza”

    So invest in your own risk.

  5. Garden golf city and spectrum metro builder r same, chetter builder

  6. Hi..
    Spectrum Metro, location is excellent but avoid as this project is too big and ambitious for this developers to execute. Since 2010,the proposed Hyper-Mall,Star hotel and other anchor tenants advertised, has changed couple of times, I stay very close hence have been observing the developments on a regular basis.

    It is better avoid all commercials by this cheater, FUKKAD builders promises five Star Commercial project. Go to their office and see the third grade office and employees. See the delivered dirty residential project in front of Spectrum Metro by this builder… such a cheap construction quality.

    Buyers be aware of AIIMS MAX GARDENIA Developers. They are ready to make you fool all in Blue Square Infrastructure LPP make over. They can never complete this project as they neither have funds nor expertise to do such project. You visit their sales office and one can make out if they really can make such a project. They had best location but ensured that people who invested repent their decision to invest with them.

  7. Really good location project for investment

  8. Spectrum metro sector 75 noida, Construction is in full swing, good project for investment , office space and ground floor retail commercial shop is good

  9. Ultimate project for investment

  10. Spectrum metro , investment in office space is good, it is really prime location property

  11. Price for retail shops of spectrum metro is very high, there are so many ready to move ground floor retail commercial shops are available in sector 75, 76, 77, 78 noida

    All above shops are very close to spectrum metro mall and this is much better investment than spectrum metro

    Construction speed is very fast in spectrum metro, but I think after selling max space of this mall, or on later stage construction will be very slow

  12. Spectrum metro good investment, construction is on full swing

  13. Anyone can please suggest? How is the investment in Virtual Space of Spectrum Metro at LGF and it will be lease to Big Bazaar & Reliance.

    • Hi Mahesh
      Investment in the Spectrum Metro, Virtual Space of LGF is good, and give you good returns, but till date as our knowledge, there is no lease deal with Big Bazaar or Reliance.

    • the best investment in terms of retail business startups. if you have any query please contact me, I will help you

  14. Hi , I want to buy a ground floor retail shop in the spectrum metro sector 75 noida,,,
    Can any one suggest me from where I can get the best rates,

    Actually the price of original booking , given to me by builder sales staff is very high

    • Yes Sir, I can provide you all tje rates of the ground floor retail shops with maximum and minimum prices along with the areas.

    • hi, I have invested in spectrum metro Ground floor, 2nd shop from main Entrance, very good project 5 installments already paid, Evan construction Work is in full swing, is anybody is in interested to invest, I m selling my shop. due to investing in export and import business and needed urgent funds, I m not a broker. please if you have any enquirers do let me know. for further information.

      • Is it still available?

  15. Hi,
    Anyone can please suggest the investment in service apartment in Spectrum metro.
    They also confirming the lease agreement already done with country Inn hotel for 9 Yrs. where they ensuring the good monthly return.

    • Hi, Ashu.
      The investment in the Spectrum Metro Mall is good, but no one can guaranty about the assured returns etc and no one can confirm you lease guaranty with country Inn hotel, except the Country INN.
      I advice Invest in without assured return payment plan.

    • No one cares for delivery.Even Rera looks like a trap… nothing would be done incase of defaulter.else why every detail of project is not being uploaded alongwith the amount currently present in so called escrow account.
      Go 100 % transparent else feel like something is being set up just to trap easy investor.

  16. It is 100% true that The assured return plan is nothing. Actually it’s a trick of fundraising. The developer sell their low money property at a very high price to innocent investors. Actually, they are making us fool….

  17. Hello Friends 🙂
    Investors beware of the honey trap laid intelligently by Manoj Rai one of the Directors in Aims Max Gardenia. Paid Sales staff promoting the project in a new company name “Blue Square Infrastructure LLP” which they say has a development agreement with the principal allottee of Sector 75 Aims Max Gardenia Developers.

    Among all the Directors of Aims Max Gardenia Developers there is no doubt that Manoj Rai has a far better image in terms of commitment than Malook Nagar, Sanjeev Sharma and Ajay Sharma the other three directors of AIMS Max Gardenia. The issue is that sales people are selling Spectrum Metro developed by Blue Square Infrastructure LLP as a company floated by the Manoj Rai. However if you search in google directors of the Blue Square Infrastructure LLP, you can see that Manoj Rai is not the list if Director.

    Now LLP means limited Liability partnership firm where Directors are not liable of personal assets if proved there is no intentional fraud done. With Blue Square Infrastructure LLP without any assets and only having a Development Agreement, from whom one can raise in case the project is not made if Directors of Aims Max Gardenia Developers have a dispute which has been there since they are not a professional organisation. Above all neither Aiims Max Gardenia nor Blue Square Infrastructure LLP have an experience to construct such a commercial space so investing means digging own grave.

  18. I don’t see any development work since last few months in this project.

    Be aware of builders before investing in this property.

    • Ur spamming in this website, if again ur doing this I can block you, why r u commenting from same IP and same email address but different names?
      I think u r from the MMR 52ND avenue side?

  19. I m interested to buy office space, is it good for investments pls advice

  20. i m interested to investment.. can any one guide me which one is better project .. i.e Spectrum Metro & MMR 52nd Avenue ?

  21. Hi Everyone,
    Looking for the investment in virtual space. Visited Spectrum Metro offering Virtual space having an agreement with INOX Cinemas(11% assured return till possession & Rs 75 lease guarantee for 21 years), MMR 52 Avenue virtual space having Food court (11% assured return till possession & 9% lease guarantee for 25 years) and Supertech esquare (11% assured return till possession & 9% lease guarantee for 09 years).
    Please suggest where to invest or I should pay the partial payment in home loan account instead of investment in virtual space

    • Hello, Rakesh Ji
      Spectrum Metro and Supertech e Square is better options for investment

    • what abt the price of LGF shop in spectrum mall ???????
      is it worth to invest in this mall???
      Pls suggest anyone… Waiting for reply by someone who has knowledge about this project.

      • hello sir,
        best and affordable price in this project. you cac contact us for more details.

        Regard- Amit kumar

  22. I have studied spectrum and mmr 52nd avenue and have seen construction also. I feel mmr 52nd avenue will be delivered fast then spectrum and builder reputation is much better than gardenia builder and location is also good. So my first choice is mmr. Suggest admin what u say.

  23. one of the best commercial property investment plan in noida

  24. I live in gardenia glamour society of Vasundhara sec 3 Ghaziabad, builder is gardenia, so far ,no registry happened for any one, builder not doing anything… fraud indicator…same builder for spectrum so think….

  25. Any suggest and Discussion for this project (Spectrum@metro).
    you can contact

  26. Hi , I want to buy a ground floor retail shop in the spectrum metro phase-II sector 75 noida,,,Can any one suggest me from where I can get the best rates/

    • hi, I have invested in spectrum metro Ground floor, 2nd shop from main Entrance, very good project 5 installments already paid, Evan construction Work is in full swing, is anybody is in interested to invest, I m selling my shop. due to investing in export and import business and needed urgent funds, I m not a broker. please if you have any enquirers do let me know. for further information.

  27. hi, I have invested in spectrum metro Ground floor, 2nd shop from main Entrance, very good project 5 installments already paid, Evan construction Work is in full swing, is anybody is in interested to invest, I m selling my shop. due to investing in export and import business and needed urgent funds, I m not a broker. please if you have any enquirers do let me know. for further information.

  28. Spectrum Metro is the best commercial project in Central Noida, this venture offers retail shops, office spaces, studio apartments in Sector 75 Noida

    • I also have a shop in Spectrum 2nd floor and I want to sell it. If anyone interested, please let me know.


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