Assured Return VS Actual Return

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Actually, the assured return is greed in real estate. Assured return is given in those immovable properties/projects which are difficult to sell. Which are not funded by the banks. Which are dead locations. Which are unable to sell easily. Which have the title and legal issues.  And which are taken a very long time to get actual returns. Long times means more than 10 years or even more.

Just think why someone would earn for you. Profitable resale in Assured return properties would take more than 7-10 years or even more.

Just imagine why a 12% assured return is being given on a property which is currently at the primary stage under construction.

Indeed, the property of worth INR Rs 1-lakh rupees has been sold to you INR Rs 1.5 lakh rupees. In fact, they are fooling you, and you are fooling becoming.

Actually, assured return properties is a fraud.

The immovable property, which completion/possession within 3-4 years and getting an actual rental value minimum 4% to 5% per annum.

Which we can sell whenever we want at a minimum ROI of 4% to 7%. Which sale price appreciated on market value. Which are good locations commercial properties.

Which are meet out maximum growth prospectus, like, high density, excellent locations, maximum visibility, urban rich residents, low maintenance, public transportation facilities, civic facilities, and modern technology etc. These are called Actual Return immovable properties.




Actual return property is relaxation.

Do not put your hard earned money in the builder’s seduction, assured return & lease guaranty properties are always an investment of risk.

So my dear friends “Dikhave Pe Mat Jao Apni Akal Lagoo” Its real estate, not  virtual estate.

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