Review : Investment in Anthurium, Sector 73, Noida, Loss or Profit


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As per Location 
The Anthurium is located at 120 ft wide road of sector 73, Noida. The Anthurium is situated in a prime location, of the central Noida. The project is just walking distance from sector 51 & sector 71 Noida Metro Station.

Anthurium  is the central location of several posh residential societies/sectors of the central Noida such as the sectors 51, 52, 57, 60, 61, 70,71, 73,74,75,120,121 & sector 122 Noida.

The Anthurium is very well connected to multiple public transport facilities and other civic facilities. So can say that the location of Anthurium IT-Business Park is very impressive.

Possession | Construction Update
The Anthurium project is under construction. The promised date of delivery/ possession according to RERA is October-2023. Anthurium RERA Registration No is UPRERAPRJ17793.

Anthurium,Sector 73, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Advantages | Good Factors
Central Noida’s, residential sector 74, 75, 71, 72, 120, 122 & sector 121, and other surroundings sectors of Anthurium is high-density population area.  Anthurium is very well connected to all type of civic facilities and other infrastructure facilities. Sector 73 is properly connected by multiple public transportation facilities. The Central Noida is a high-density population area and there is a huge urban rich residential population which is a very good sign for commercial property investment.

The biggest plus point of Anthurium is that it is the only IT-Office space project in Central Noida, and there is no any other competitor of Anthurium at this location of Central Noida, and that is a very good sign for commercial property investment.

The Anthurium is properly visible to all passers from connecting roads of the Central Noida. There are several urban rich residential societies such as Cleo County, Homes 121, Amrapali Zodiac, Prateek Laurel, Eldeco, RG Residency, Amrapali Platinum, Gaur Grandeur, and many more. These residential societies have more than 15 thousand flats and a population of more than 75 thousand people which is also a very good sign for commercial retail shops & IT-Office space investment. i.e Anthurium.

The layout design of IT-office space is very impressive. The office space is well furnished and designed to cater to IT(Information Technology) business. The project has a proper parking space for stakeholders and visiting guests. The overall layout design of Anthurium is excellent.

The innovative features of this project are two levels of basement parking and ground parking and integrated business centers.

The sector 52  & sector 70 Noida metro station is the closest to this project at a distance of about 400 meters from ANTHURIUM. It is a just 10-minute distance from the NH-24 Highway.

Anthurium IT-Park, Sector 73, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Commercial Real Estate Project Investment Criteria Table

Urban Rich Gentry Middle Class, Urban Poor. Within walking distance several residential societies such as Cleo County, Homes 121, Amrapali Zodiac, Prateek Laurel, Eldeco, RG Residency, Amrapali Platinum, Gaur Grandeur, and many more. A
Connectivity 10-Minute drive from- Sector 121, Noida City Center.
Nearest Metro Station Walking distance (Sector 52)
Domestic Airport-18.8Km (Hindon Airport)
Layout Design Impressive layout design, International standards office space A
Multiple Entries Yes More Than 6 Entries A1
Visibility Highly visible, 3-side open corner property, very wide frontage A1
High-Density population More than 50-Thousand Flats and 2-Lakh urban rich people within walking distance and can denser more in upcoming years. A1
Youthful Footfall Sector-57 & Sector 62 Noida A
Public Security Police Station -10-Minute
Fire Station 10-Minute
Industrial Area Within 3-Km, Sector 63, 64, 65 Noida A
Urban/Civic Facilities Maximum facilities available A1
Developers Credibility New Builder C
Price Comparison Competitive Price A
Competitors MMR 52ND Avenue A
Expected ROI 4% to 5% Annually B


Key Point
Please note the Anthurium is an IT-office space type project, it’s not a pure commercial office space project.
The difference between an IT-Office space and commercial office space is that “in a commercial office space, you can operate your office for the twelve hours only and can do all types of commercial business activities. And in an IT-office space, you can operate your office for 24 hours” but there is a limitation in an IT-office space type project, you can run only IT (information technology) related business.


These days developers of the Anthurium project offering buyers so many interesting payments plans to invest in this project/property, commercial retail shops, and IT-office spaces such as 12% assured return, and pre-lease guaranty payment plans, etc.

That builder/project who offers this kind of investment offers is not in the category of secure investment. As our experience most assured return and lease guaranty properties are an investment of loss.

Do not put your hard-earned money in the builder’s seduction, assured return & lease guaranty properties are always an investment of risk. So invest wisely.

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Basically, the assured return & lease guaranty is nothing, the real estate developers sell their low money property at a very higher price and return your hard-earned money in the name of assured return and lease guaranty to you in the form of EMI. Actually, they are making you fool.

This property is best suited if you are willing to hold onto a longer term for returns as it would take a couple of more years for completion and the real estate market to appreciate in the locality. As for the location of the property is concerned it is a prime locality with all required amenities located within 1-2 KM. And this is subjected to the real estate market appreciation.

It is probably not the right choice of investment for those who are looking for ROI in the next year or so. There may not be a real appreciation of value for resale in the next couple of years.  Because of a huge unsold commercial office space inventory available in several advanced stages under-construction projects of Central Noida.

Anthurium Business Park, Sector 73, Noida, India

Drawbacks | Bad Factors
The prices won’t very much hike at least for a couple of years because of the huge unsold commercial property available in Central Noida. The construction and possession of this project depend on the sale of shops/space so the project may be the delay.

Product & Developer
The Anthurium IT-Business Park is situated in sector 73, Noida. This project is under developing by the Aircon Systems India Private Limited. This project is consists of IT-office space and Commercial Retail shops on the ground floor.

Builder Profile
The AIRCON SYSTEMS INDIA PVT. LTD is a new player in the real estate industry.

Price | Lease Price
Anthurium IT-office space & retail shops price start at approx:-

1. BASIC SALE PRICE 5300 Per Sqft
Corner 250 Per Sqft
Road Facing 150 Per Sqft
Plaza Facing 150 Per Sqft
Lease Rent 100 Per Sqft
EEC/FFC 100 Per Sqft
IFMS 100 Per Sqft
4. CAR PARKING CHARGES 500000 Per Car (Optional)

The price is reasonable but the price of other charges is on the higher side.

The Anthurium is good for BPO, Call Center Software development companies, IT-office companies setups.

Investment of Anthurium may get a minimum of 4 to 5% per annum return after completion possession. If the developer completes this project in the set time frame.

Our advice, investment of Anthurium, IT-office space and commercial retail shops is safe and avail good returns after completion possession of the project.

CPR Ratings



  1. I m interested to buy, what’s the best price

    • Yes Sir, for more information about this project.

  2. Nice feedback, Is there any best price ?

    • For best price contact us

  3. Hi CPR team,
    2 points:
    1) As you mentioned, “In a commercial office space, you can operate your office for the twelve hours only and can do all type of commercial activity/business”
    I want to know, as to how it is controlled, that one will not work more than 12 hours?
    2) Als, “And in an IT-office space, you can operate your office for 24 hoursbut there is a limitation in an IT-office space type project, you can run only IT (information technology) related business.” Is it really checked as to what type of work we are doing or controlled by some parameters?

    What i want to ask in whether these are only legal points or are they really implemented (and how?)

    Actually, i want to invest for office space between Spectrum@Metro and Anthurium and this particular point is very important for me.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi, Amit
      It’s only a legal point.

  4. I would like to know the best option keeping ROI in mind? As mentioned above the builders who provide EMI return options should not be considered! But in the end you said it would be better option in terms of investment? What should I conclude of this? And which project is better in terms of commercial economical invested for central noida. Thanks in advance.

  5. Pandey ji,
    Most assured return projects possession is the delay, usually, possession take 7 to 10 years for completion or even more. Because of the slow speed of sale.

    The simple fact of an assured return is that the builder has sold an INR 1 Lakh value property, at the price of INR 2 lakh rupees and pay EMI for 10% or 12% till the possession or 3 to 4 years. After some time or after possession, when you go to the market to sell that property, then you hardly get any client at the desired price.

    Actually, in commercial real estate investment, money should be doubled in 3 to 5 years, then it will be called best investment

    Actually, the assured returns are given in those projects that are difficult to sell, and in the projects where the bank does not fund.

  6. I am also looking for some investment options in commercial property. I have see Spectrum Metro whose location is also good and also heard about this option Anthurium IT-Business Park.
    If i see the reputation of spectrum metro builder its not good though the builder of Anthurium IT-Business Park has a nice reputation.
    Which one i should i select and why ?

  7. I checked and found below issues:
    1. Anthurium is not yet approved by any bank yet (they say it will by PNB Housing ). Whether you want to finance or not, bank approval is a good vetting for satisfaction
    2. Although they are using name of ithium and corenthum however, the company AIRCON is a brand new company with a director common from earlier projects. So, the credentials do not apply here fully

  8. Kindly suggest best commercial project in central noida or in noida extension.

  9. You can operate here 24 hours.

  10. Dear Sir,

    I have been offered co-working office space in Anthurium with 10% assured return till possession and lease guaranty for 9 years. Can you pls suggest if it’s good option or better to keep money in FD.
    One good point is very small inventories, like for 200sq ft too.
    Any quick response is highly appreciated.

    • Hello,

      Can you please share the contact of the person offering you this deal.


  11. Whats the best available price now. I am interested in this.


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