Review : Investment in Supertech Hypernova Mall, Sector 94 Noida, Loss or Profit


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As per Location
Supertech Hypernova Mall is situated on the service road of sector 94 Noida. The project is exactly at the front of Noida Expressway and facing towards Mahamaya Flyover.

Okhla Bird Century Metro Station is at the front of Supernova Mall (HyperNova Mall). Supertech Hypernova Mall is properly connected to multiple transportation facilities and other civic facilities.

The project is just a 10-minutes drive from Noida Golf Course & sector-18 Noida. The project is also very close to Amity university campus. Supertech Supernova is also very close to National capital Delhi. Overall, Supertech Supernova is properly connected with the main points of Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi. It’s an approachable location project.

Possession | Construction Update

Construction Status Under Construction
RERA Registration No Supertech Hypernova – UPRERAPRJ526534
Start/Launch Date 29-5-2019
Possession Date Offered December-2021
Possession Date April-2023
Land Area 3.9235392 Acre
Construction Stage Ongoing (All Phases)
Promoter Name Supertech Realtors Private Limited
Construction Company B L Kashyap and Sons Limited
Architect Name Modarch India
Live Updates
COVID-19 Lockdown Status COVID-19, an event of ‘Force Majeure’. Completion/possession date extended for 6 months for all projects expiring on or after 25.03.2020 by the Government.



Drawbacks | Bad Factors
The Hypernova Mall is a part of  Supertech Supernova. Sector 94 is a low-density population area and low density is good for a living but not for commercial development. The thing to consider here is that the Supertech Supernova is not a purely residential project.

The sale price of  Supertech Hypernova Mall retail shops is already on the very higher side and there is hardly any chance of early growth. If we compare the Hypernova Mall ground floor retail shops price among other ready to move ground floor main road facing hi-street retail shops of entire Noida Greater Noida Expressway, then we find that the price of HyperNova Mall retail shops is higher approx INR Rs 5000-7000/-  per sq ft. While the Supernova Mall is in the primary stage of construction and very far from the possession.

These days developers of the Supertech Supernova Mall offering many attractive schemes to customers to invest in this project, like the 12% assured return, lease guaranty, and other greedy payment plans.

That builder/project who offers this kind of investment offers is not in the category of secure investment, as our experience most assured return and lease guaranty properties are the investment of loss.

Do not put your hard-earned money in the builder’s seduction, assured return & lease guaranty properties are always an investment of risk. So invest carefully.

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Basically, the assured return & lease guaranty is nothing, the real estate developers sell their low money property at a very higher price and return your hard-earned money in the name of the assured return & lease guaranty to you in the form of EMI. Actually, they are making you fool.

Maximum Mall or Mall type properties are not the good and safe investment options in Noida & Ghaziabad area. The maximum investors who invested in Mall type properties are in 99% loss.

Actually, the Malls which are up for sale get defective. Only those Malls are working fine which has at least 75% stake for lease otherwise all other Mall type properties are the investment of 99% loss. Only a few Malls is running fine in Noida & Ghaziabad area such as Shipra Mall, DLF Mall Of India & GIP, etc. And all the above-said Malls has more than 75% stake for lease only.

The Supertech Supernova is very close to several cremation grounds.

10-Acre Factor
According to a survey conducted by CPR, the commercial projects which are less than 10-Acre area are not as successful as above 10-Acre commercial projects.

A less than or up to 5-acre or less than the 10-acre commercial project has not enough space for all the facilities which are required to capture big brands, multinational companies, and public attraction. let’s check the facts by a table:-

Express Trade Tower-2, Noida 5-Acre The price has been stuck at 5,000-PSF for the last several years. Leasing is also not very impressive.
Logix Technova, Noida 5-Acre The price has been stuck at 5,000-PSF for the last several years. Leasing is also not very impressive.
Jaipuria Mall-Indirapuram Less than 5-Acre Fail
Aditya Mall-Indirapuram Less than-5 Acre Fail
Wave One, Noida Less than 4-Acre Stuck
Wave Silver Tower Less than 4-Acre Not very impressive
Urbtech NPX Less Than 4-Acre Stuck
Center Stage Mall, Noida Less than 7-Acre Not very impressive
ATS Bouquet, Noida 7.5-Acre The price has been stuck at 5,000-PSF for the last several years. Leasing is also not very impressive.
GIP, Noida Above-10 Acre Working very fine, fully occupied
Shipra Mall Above-10-Acre Working very fine, fully occupied
Bhutani Alphathum, Noida 17-Acre Successful-high returns
Indirapuram Habitat Centre Over 10-Acre Working Very Fine
DLF Mall of India Over-10-Acre Working very fine, fully occupied
Select CITYWALK, Saket Over 10 Acre Working very fine, fully occupied 

The above table shows that investment in the bigger commercial project is very fruitful in comparison to small commercial projects. And the Supertech Hypernova is only 3.9235392 Acre.

For a small investor, it’s better to go for small residential societies/sector markets of  Noida  Greater Noida Expressway and visible/pickup road facing ground floor retail commercial shops.

It is probably not the right choice of investment for those who are looking for ROI in the next year or so. Because of a huge unsold commercial property available on the Noida expressway sectors. In fact, investors who are trying to make a sale of their studio apartments & office space of the Supertech Supernova are hardly getting any client at the desired price.

Supertech Hypernova Mall Price & Delivery Track Record Comparison With Other Projects/Developers Of Noida Expressway

Supertech Hypernova 21,000-35,000 Possession April-2023
CYBERTHUM 5500-5990 Zero debt, On-Time Delivery, Quality Construction, delivered several commercial projects in Delhi-NCR.
WTC NOIDA CBD 7,650  Not Satisfactory
OH My God Delay Possession
ASSOTECH BUSINESS CRESTERA 5990-6190 Delay Possession
SUPERNOVA ASTRALIS 12,000 Delay Possession
Urbtech Trade Centre 6,500 Delay Possession


Commercial Real Estate Project Investment Criteria Table

Urban Rich Gentry Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, Lower Middle Class. Adjoined Supertech Supernova residents. A
Connectivity Airport-27-Km (IGI Airport)
Nearest Metro Station-Walking Distance (Supernova)
Noida-Greater Noida Expressway-Walking Distance
DND Flyway-15-Minute Drive
Delhi-15-Minute Drive
Sector-18 Noida-10-Minute Drive
Properly connected with multiple public transportation facilities.
Layout Design Not Very impressive B
Multiple Entries No B
Visibility Not very much visible B
High-Density Population No B
Youthful Footfall Yes A1
Public Security Police Station -15-Minute drive A
Industrial/Institutional Area within 3-Km A
Urban/Civic Facilities Maximum facilities available A
Developers Credibility  SILVER standard Developer B
Price Comparison High Price C
Competitors A-few competitors A
Expected ROI May takes very long time C


Investment Tips 
 Before investing in commercial real estate, it is better to decide why you are investing. 
Actually, there are two types of investors, the first one who buys retail shops or office space for self-use and the second one who bought it for pure rental income and sell when getting some appreciation. 

So if you are buying it for your self-use, you can buy any size according to your uses, but if you are buying it for pure rental or appreciation income, then go for virtual space or buy at least minimum 1000 sq ft carpet area, because if you buy a small shop or office space for rental income you hardly get any brand. 

The brands or multinational companies want the bigger space for their operations. And there are several must require things such as dedicated bigger parking spaces, negotiations in CAM charges, specific signage, dedicated power backup, bigger space in a single floor plate, and several must require NOCs, which are very difficult to arrange by a small or individual investor. 

So that, before investing in any commercial project, talk to the developer, that you won't buy it for self-use, but for pure rental income, and handover/responsible it for the developer to lease out.

Otherwise, you won't get your expected appreciation or may get delayed appreciation or loss.


Products & Developer
Supertech SuperNova is under development by the Supertech Limited. It’s a mix of land use property. The project consists of centralized air-condition commercial retail shops, food courts, multiplex, etc.

Builder Profile | Track Record

  Supertech,builder,profile,track record
PREDECESSOR Supertech Limited
FOUNDERS Ram Kishor Arora
KEY PEOPLE Mohit Arora, Vikas Kansal, Anil Sharma
COMPANY /PROMOTER Supertech Limited
PRODUCTS Apartments, Villas, Golfcourse, Commercial offices, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Leisure & Hospitality, Retail
AREA SERVED Delhi-NCR (Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon)
PROJECTS COMPLETED Shoprix Mall, Supertech e-Square
PROJECTS ONGOING Supertech Hypernova Mall, Super Nova, start in 2012-till date not completed,

Supertech Cape Town- starts 2010

DELIVERY TRACK RECORD delay possession, long wait
RISK Delay completion, poor construction quality, bank & Noida authority dues
DEBT Defaulter (Builder is in the defaulter list of Noida Authority)

Greater Noida Authority Builder Defaulter List

LITIGATION  Facing corruption charges in Indian courts
 OFFICE ADDRESS Supertech Limited
Supertech House
B 28-29, Sec-58,
Noida – 201307, India
For Enquiry, Call: +91-93100-12345


At present the Supertech builder facing corruption and unfair trade practice charges in Indian courts. Supertech builder has an extremely poor record to complete their real estate projects in the set time frame.

Price | Lease Price
Supertech SuperNova/Hypernova Mall retail shops price starts at approx:-

Ground Floor 35,000
Lower Ground 21,000
First Floor 28,000
Second Floor 21,000

Price is already on the higher side and there is hardly any chance of early growth.

There is very little difference in the price of the ground floor and first floor retail shops. If we compare maximum ready to move retail shops of Noida, Ghaziabad area, where the first floor retail shops resale price is less than 10,000/- per sq ft in comparison to ground floor shops. And in this consideration, the booking price of  Supertech Hypernova Mall 1st & 2nd Floor is very high. And there is hardly any chance of good growth.

Profitable resale in assured return property/projects takes a very long time, can say minimum 10-years or even more. There are several examples of flop assured return projects in the Delhi-NCR area. Actually, assured return and pre-leased guaranty payment plans are the tricks of fundraising by fooling the public.

The price is already on the very higher side and there is hardly any chance of early growth, can say that this is the highest price for any under-construction commercial property on the Noida Greater Noida Expressway.

CPR Ratings

Investors Vote
[Total: 24 Average: 2.8]




  1. Hello Sir,

    What about investing in multiplex in Hypernova mall?


  2. so true
    they are just fooling people making money n not giving anything in return to their investors. i am also facing the same issue from long time and no one is giving my money back. fake people never stay on their words. they should feel shame on them self.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your valuable comments. Can you please share your experience in details, to other investors get aware.


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