5 Best Commercial Property Investment Projects, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram

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A few months back, many of our readers/investors sent us a special request for advice of the best commercial projects/properties for investment/business startups in the Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon.
Here we come up with Top top5-best commercial projects/property investment options in Golf Course Extension Road (GCX) Gurugram.

1. M3M IFC (International Financial Center), Sector 66 Gurugram
The beauty of this project is that this project is exactly on the Golf Course Extension Road and the other side facing towards the dividing road of Sector 66 & sector 65.  The project has direct access from 3-ways. The M3M IFC can be a famous Hot-Spot of Golf Course Extension Road after completion possession. The M3M IFC (International Financial Center) property is best suited if you are willing to hold your investment until completion/possession of the project. Read More…..

 2. AIPL Joy Central, Sector -65 Gurugram
The AIPL Joy Central is the central location of sector 49, 50, 65 & sector 66 of Golf Course Extension Road (GCX). And all the above said sectors is the high-density population area, and can denser more in upcoming years. There is a huge urban rich residential population surrounding AIPL Joy Central. There are more than 50 thousand flats and an expected residential population of more than 2-Lakh people. This is also a very good sign for commercial property investment i.e. AIPL Joy Central. Read More…..

3. AIPL Joy Street, Sector 66 Gurugram
The Layout design of AIPL Joy Street is world-class. The ground floor and first floor commercial retail shop of this project is properly visible and looks like the high street open market. The ground and first floor retail shops are perfectly designed for maximum visibility to every shop. So the investment in the ground floor and first floor retail shops can give excellent returns in the near future, especially the ground floor retail shops.  Read More……

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4. M3M Broadway, Sector 71 Gurugram
The M3M Broadway is a project offering the perfect integration of retail, commercial, and hospitality in a single compound. The project is appealing not just from a design and concept perspective but the blueprint reveals that it would be functionally attractive too. The project dubbed as “M3M Broadway” will have Four different sections to it namely Hospitality, Business first, Leisure, and Entertainment. The design is set to lean towards the contemporary makes making it a premier locale for the desired few. Read More…..

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5. M3M Urbana, Sector 67 Gurugram 
M3M Urbana is a place where you can spend leisure time with shopping. There are wide corridors for walking and proper sitting arrangements. There are enough parking spaces in front of the commercial complex. The M3M Urbana is perfectly maintained. So there is no doubt that this commercial property is very good for investment purposes. Read More…..

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Investors Vote
[Total: 3 Average: 4.7]


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