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Article by Rimjhim Dubey

If you are planning to move to a city which will give you peace of mind, then Ahmedabad is the best place for you to live in. This city is located in the lap of the Sabarmati river. Ahmedabad is considered as one of the most affordable and attractive cities in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is considered the main economical and industrial hub of India. It is the second-largest cotton production city in India. The people of Ahmedabad are really energetic and happening. They celebrate a lot of festivals like Navratri, Diwali, Holi, Uttrayan, etc. You can also find lots of food items in Ahmedabad. Almost every food is available in Ahmedabad, whether it is South Indian, North Indian, Gujarati food, or any other kind. There you can find lots of stores which provide you roadside food in a very Good quantity and quality. The weather of Ahmedabad is generally very hot during the summer. In summer the temperature of Ahmedabad crosses above 40 Degrees. Rest of the time of year the temperature remains normal and cool down.

There are a few attractive and energizing things to visit in Ahmedabad like the best cafés, shopping centers, neighborhood markets, parks for unwinding, sanctuaries, and so on which will assist you with following your way of life and convention regardless of whether you have originated from any edge of India. You can likewise visit the Thol lake to watch the dawn, Nalsarovar Bird Century to watch the peeping winged creatures or nightfall at the Kankaria lake, and you will be flabbergasted to see the genuine excellence of nature.

You can likewise appreciate 12 PM strolls and cross around Manek Chowk, which offers scrumptious nourishments and treats to fulfill your craving. Ahmedabad has likewise become a more favored city to live in due to the speedy travel framework is known as Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), which encourages the public to travel to any place at very reasonable rates.


Ahmedabad considered one of the best places to live in Gujarat. You can find different areas to live, depending on your choice and budget. There are so many best neighborhoods in Ahmedabad, the previous capital of Gujarat. The city has developed as perhaps the best city to live in India. It offers an astounding foundation, huge amounts of openings for work, amazing training, and everyday life offices.

Ahmedabad may not be the most ideal decision for some individuals. Yet, with regards to new places to live then Ahmedabad certainly has a ton to bring to the table. You will cherish the regions of Ahmedabad, regardless, of what reason you are migrating to this city. At the point when you’ll get comfortable Ahmedabad then you will understand that there are in reality a few motivations to adore Ahmedabad.

Several individuals bought an apartment or a small property at a rate of Rs 3500 per sq ft located at the SG or Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway situated in Ahemdabad, in 2011. At that time there were many who laughed and joked about such individuals because of their real estate investment decision. This is because people thought that it would be one of the biggest blunders of their life to invest in such an area.

The SG Highway is now regarded as one of the hubs for the entertainment and other corporate activities. Besides these, there are several other multinational organizations that have increased the economic activities in these residential areas. Nowadays there are several malls that are located on the SG highway. There are various international car showrooms which are also located on this highway. Read More…

Bodakdev considered one of the most expensive areas in Ahmedabad. You can find here a really well-maintained Apartment as well as Bungalows. Availability of transportation, School, Mall, Bank, Hospital is easily available in this area. East Ebony, Century Tower, Shreeya Antillia, Rajesh Richmond, Galaxy Apartments. Sijcon Zodiac Aster, Goyal palace, Sheladia Prestige Tower, Arista Eminence 24, Zaveri Amara, Maruti Zenobia, Zodiac Marquis, Royal Chinmay Tower, Thirthdham apartment, Ajal apartment, Madhuvrund apartment, Shanti apartment are some of the extraordinary apartments in this area. The rate in Bodakdev depends on the apartment and the rate falls between 5200INR/SQFT to 8500INR/SQFT.

Thaltej is one of the most attractive areas for the people who come to visit Ahmedabad, as it is situated around the lake. If you are a nature lover then this area is really perfect for you. Here you can find top companies, schools, transportation which is really easily available, that’s why the growth of this area is increased in past few years. Gala Eternia, HRG Verantes, Maple Tree Garden Homes, Ganesh Housing Maple County, Pacifica La Habitat, Sheetal Ajmera Enigma, Shaligram Flora, Ozone Desire, Gala Imperia, Sun Castle Complex, Suvas, Heliconia, J9 are some of the best apartments in this area. The rate in this area varies from place to place but it is between 4,500 INR/SQFT to 7,500 INR/SQFT.

Satellite is one of the posh areas you will get to know in Ahmedabad It is a really expensive and well-developed locality of Ahmedabad. You will find lots of commercial properties in Satellite and in Prahladnagar.In satellite growth of both the industrial sector as well as residential apartment is to a very high extent. You can find their two types of property either it is ready to move or it is under construction. Some of the best apartments in this area are the Abhijyot Greens, Nishant Rahul, Agarwal Apartments, Goyal Vishal Residency, Shree Palak Enclave, Binori Pristine, Abhijyot Residency, Domain Heights, Nishant Ratnaakar 3, Floris 41, Nishant Ratnaakar 4, Royal Nirman Tower, Scarlet Heights, Vishwanath Shaligram 1, Prerna Viraj, Ratnaakar Halcyon, Shree Ami Pearl Apartments, Tatnaakar Beaumonde, Panchgani apartment, Satellite apartment, Naman apartment, etc..The cost of the properties is 4,700 INR/SQFT to 7,300INR/SQFT.

Prahlad Nagar is considered one of the most commercial areas of the city. Many multinational companies set up their office in this area and you can find really posh building here. It is a well-developed area of Ahmedabad that’s why all types of facilities are available in this area. Rivera Blues, HN Safal Parivesh, Swati Gardenia, Shyam Elegance, Goyal Riviera Harmony, Goyal Riviera Antilla, Goyal Riviera elegance, Pacifica Green Acres, Indraprastha, Raj apartment, Green acres, Royal orchids are some of the best apartments in this area. As it is one of the posh areas of Ahmedabad so the price tends to be very high here. The price in this area falls between 4,400 INR/SQFT to 7,200 INR/ SQFT.

Bopal and South Bopal are preferred because they are affordable as compared to other areas. They are a bit far from the city crowd. Both areas are well connected with SP Ring Road. Inquiries about Apartment is in this area is really high nowadays. Bhopal is a little bit outskirts area so the price of the property is really low. You can find their many lavish apartments of your choice like JP Iscon Platinum, Sai Green Valley, Applewoods Sorrel Apartments, Sun South Park, Safal Parisar 1, Safal Parisar 2, Binori Solitaire, Siddhi Aarohi Elysium, Swati Florance, Orchid divine, Sky one, Sun south park, Samanvay residency, etc. The cost of the property is around 3200 INR/SAFT to 5100 INR/ SQFT.

Maninagar is one of the most popular residential areas of Ahmedabad, which is situated in the south part of the city. In this area, we will find different types of shopping complexes as well as there is a huge market for shopping lovers. Also, it is in the center of Ahmedabad so the transportation is easily available for this area as well as it has its own railway station also. The infrastructure in Maninagar is really good and you can find a good apartment in this area. Safar Parishkaar, Safal Parishkaar 2, Parishkaar Apartments, Parth Empire, Poonam Park, Avalon Courtyard 2, Takshashilla Colonials, Shalin Heights, Mansarover Complex, Karnawati apartment, Rajasapartment, Ashwameghapartment, Vallabh apartment, Suraj apartment are some of the best apartments in this area. The property rate in this area falls between 3,300 INR/SQFT to 5,200 INR/SQFT.

Gota is that area of Ahmedabad, where you can find the most reasonable apartment. In this area, you can find small companies as well as commercial properties which is easily available on rental. Rent in this area is really low as compared to other areas of Ahmedabad, that’s why it is called one of the most affordable areas of Ahmedabad. You will never face any kind of transportation problem while traveling to Gota. The best properties in this area are Unique Aashiyana, Shiv Serenity Space, ICB Flora, Shafalya Shlok Parisar, Shayona Shikhar, ICB Island, Shrifal apartments, Shree Shayona AAgman, Tirupati Aankruti Greenz, Art Nirman Shree Vishnudhara Gardens, Ganesh Housing Malabar County, Avirat Silver Gardenia, Seventh Parisar, Shripad Residency, Ganesh Genesis, GHB Mukhya Mantri Gruh Yojana, Parivar homes, Sharifal apartment, Silver gardenia, etc.Price of properties in this area is between 3,200 INR/SQFT to 4,600 INR/SQFT.

Naroda is considered as one of the fast-developing areas of Ahmedabad. In this area, you can find lots of factories that’s why it is called the Industrial Area of Ahmedabad. Generally, students who have come to study in Ahmedabad will take their PG or apartment in this area as the rent is comparatively low. Galaxy Residency, Shilp residency, Jai Mangal Residency, Vitthal Velocity, Sahjanand Shyam Shikhar Residency, Radhe Govind Galaxy, Ramtirth apartment, Pavan apartment, Jayambe apartment, Akashat apartment, Paras galaxy is considered as one the best place to live in this area. You can find different property rates in this area starting from 2,000 INR/SQFT to 3,000 INR/SQFT.

The GIFT City is the new planned industrial township of Ahmedabad. There are several mega commercial projects are under construction… More updating soon…

Most likely that finding an ideal and moderate apartment in Ahmedabad is a serious dubious undertaking, because of the developing populace regular and subsequently, the expansion in property charges. That is the reason we have done a broad examination and discovered a portion of the moderate local locations to live in Ahmedabad, where you can have all the pleasantries your requirement for consistently.

You will likewise love to visit the unmistakable and ancient spots, and you can likewise appreciate a quiet time in the close-by found parks.

Investors Vote
[Total: 13 Average: 4.8]


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