Review : Investment in VSR 114 Avenue, Sector 114, Gurugram, Loss of Profit


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As per Location
VSR 114 Avenue is situated in the sector 114 Gurugram. Sector 114, Gurgaon is a commercial activity center. The VSR 114 Avenue is the first big commercial project in this sector. Its corner 3-sides open property, both side are wide roads. The project is properly visible and walkable to all passers of nearby sectors. So can say that the location of this project is impressive.

Possession | Construction Update
The VSR 114 Avenue project is under construction. The project construction started in the year 2013-2014. The promised date of delivery/possession was in the year of March-2017. Possession date has been revised several times but there is no significant progress. However, as of now, the project construction has been moving at a snail’s pace.  The project is still under construction. This project can be delayed for a couple of more years (or even more).

vsr 114 avenue commercial, sector 114 gurugram, haryana

Drawbacks | Bad Factors
At present, there is no residential population near the VSR 114 Avenue and there is no mean of commercial property investment without residential population. There are only 2-residential group housing projects i.e the Gurgaon Gateway and Eminence Kimberly Suites nearby the VSR 114 Avenue Both projects Tata Gurgaon Gateway and Eminence Kimberly green have their own retail shop markets for daily needs of their residents.

The entire New Gurgaon (Dwarka Expressway Sectors) is unplanned. Somewhere villages and somewhere unauthorized colonies and next to it is the group housing projects or commercial projects. It seems very crappy. The Dwarka Expressway sectors are full of encroachment. The development will take more than 7-10 years or even more.

The construction and possession of the high-rise residential apartment near the VSR 114 Avenue are dead slow, can say that there is no construction activity in the nearby residential sectors. And there is no mean of this commercial development without residential population in this area.

As we analyze that there are almost no development activities or very slow development in the entire Dwarka Expressway sectors (New Gurgaon). The development planning’s of the state government has also been moving at a snail’s pace.

The Dwarka Expressway (New Gurgaon) township has been under construction/development since the last 08 years, nobody knows when it will be complete.

The Maximum Mall or Mall type properties are not the good and safe investment options in the Gurugram and Delhi area. The maximum investors who invested in Mall type properties are in 99% loss.

Actually, only a few Malls is running fine in Gurugram and Delhi area such as Ambience Mall,  DLF Mega Mall, The MGF Metropolitan Mall, and Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi, etc otherwise all other Mall type properties are the investment of 99% loss.

At present, there is no residential population in this new under developing locality of the sector 114 and sector 112 Gurugram. So the investment in The VSR 114 Avenue commercial retail shops will take a very long time to grow.

At present, there are no public transport facilities available to the VSR 114 Avenue. The construction and possession of this project depend on the sale of shops/space so the project may be the delay.

vsr 114 avenue, sector 114, gurgaon

Key Point
Suppose the developer of the VSR 114 Avenue Mall gives the possession of this project in the set time frame or on the before set time frame, even then investors will not benefit from this project. Because there is no residential population, no public transport facilities and very poor infrastructure.

It is probably not the right choice for investment for those who are looking for ROI in the next year or so. Given the doubts surrounding the possession date, there may not be a real appreciation of value for resale in a year. In fact, investors who are trying to make a sale of their property in the VSR 114 Avenue are now struggling to reach their initial investment. Despite having brought their prices down, there aren’t any takers to buy these properties.

Advantages | Good Factors
VSR 114 Avenue Commercial Complex is properly visible to all passers from connecting roads of the sector 114 and 112. The ground floor commercial retail shop of this project is properly visible, especially the main road facing retail shop, so the investment in the ground floor main road facing shops can give good returns in the future.

VSR 114 avenue is perfectly designed for maximum visibility. Retail Shops & Office Space are designed to meet international standards. The project has a proper parking space for stakeholders and visiting guests.

vsr 114 avenue, sector 114, dwarka expressway, gurugram

Products & Developer
VSR 114 Avenue is under developing by the VSR Infratech Private Limited. This project Consist of centralizes air-conditioned commercial retail shops commercial office spaces, serviced apartments, and food courts. It’s a centralized air condition Mall type property.

Builder Profile
The VRS Infratech builder has a good market reputation in the real estate industry. He has successfully handover several commercial projects in Gurgaon. But the VRS Infratech builder has the extremely poor record of completing their real estate projects in the set time frame.

Price | Lease Price
VSR 114 Avenue retail commercial shops, office spaces price starts at approx:-

Office Space 5000-6000
Retail Shops Ground Floor 20,000-24,000
Retail Shops First Floor 8000-11,000

The price is slightly high for investment.

The property investment is a huge step and it involves a lot of money. It is therefore important that you review the pros and cons and weigh them before reaching a decision.
After analyzing all above facts that the investments in VSR 114 Avenue may take a very long time to grow. So invest carefully. The ground floor road facing retail shops and commercial office space of VSR 114 Avenue Commercial complex is good for investment.

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  1. Hi,
    Its really a ground investigation. The article is very interesting, it is really really appreciable.

    The GMDA, not doing their job honestly in the New Gurgaon area (Dwarka Expressway)… and the builders are filling their pocket in the name of investment….

    The RERA is also helpful to builders, but not for investors/buyers

  2. Investment in the VSR 114 avenue project will take more than 10 years to grow, it is really concerned to put the hard earned money in a project which is under construction

  3. Hello,

    I have invested about 50 Lakhs in this project. VSR is saying in September ,2019 they will give the possesion which is hard to believe as there is so much construction left. I visited them in Feb,2019. Is there any WhatsApp group for VSR consisting of distressed investors like me?

    • Please advice on VSR 114 Avenue Commercial Project long term prospective plan. If somebody would like to invest for a long term what would be the likely rentals would be expected from a Commercial Shop if Smaller and Bigger Size Specifications.


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