Review : Investment in KW Delhi 6, Raj Nagar Extension, Loss or Profit


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As per Location
The KW Delhi-6,(KW Delhi six) commercial project is situated on the bypass road of Raj Nagar Extension.
The KW Delhi-6 is, truly situated at the end connecting point of Raj Nagar Extension bypass road to the Meerut Road (NH-58) crossing.  So KW Delhi-6 is on the way of people, which are coming from the Meerut and Ghaziabad City area. And which are used to bypass the Ghaziabad city traffic via Raj Nagar Extension road.

Mostly peoples reside in the Raj Nagar Extension goes for their business/jobs to Delhi, Noida and the Gurgaon, etc and the KW Delhi-6 is not on the way of these people. And in this consideration, the location of KW Delhi-6 is not very impressive.

Possession | Construction Update

Construction Status Under Construction
RERA Registration No KW Delhi-6 – UPRERAPRJ2795
Start/Launch Date 15-01-2017
Possession Date June-2020
Construction Stage Ongoing
Construction Company
Architect Name Deepak Mehta & Associates
Live Updates
COVID-19 Lockdown Status COVID-19, an event of ‘Force Majeure’. Completion/Possession extended for 6 months for all projects expiring on or after 25.03.2020 by the Government.


Fact Check
KW Delhi-6 commercial project has a small frontage in comparison to other surrounding big commercial projects of Raj Nagar Extension. Actually this commercial property is exactly at the opposite side of the main residential group housing societies of Raj Nagar extension.

It has no doubt that Raj Nagar Extension is a high-density population area, but KW-Delhi-6 is an outskirt location of Raj Nagar Extension. So this commercial project maybe not get many benefits from the high-density population of Raj Nagar Extension.

The turning red light of the Meerut Road (NH-58) Highway to the KW Delhi-6 is very busy, the customer who is coming from the Raj Nagar Extension area for shopping in this project must take U-turn from this red light and this U-turn is equal to winning a battle.

As we analyze that the KW Delhi-6, commercial spaces have a loading of more than 50%, it means a small shop of around 600 sq ft, may end only 295 sq ft carpet area.

Maximum Mall or Mall type properties are not the good and safe investment options in Noida & Ghaziabad area. The maximum investors who invested in Mall type properties are in 99% loss.

Actually, the Malls which are up for sale get defective. Only those Malls are working fine which has at least 75% stake for lease otherwise all other Mall type properties are the investment of 99% loss. Only a few Malls are running fine in Noida & Ghaziabad area such as Shipra Mall, DLF Mall Of India & GIP, etc. And all the above-said Malls has more than 75% stake for lease only.

For a small investor, it’s better to go for small residential societies/sector markets of Raj Nagar Extension and visible/pickup road facing ground floor retail commercial shops.

Investment Tips
 Before investing in commercial real estate, it is better to decide why you are investing. 
Actually, there are two types of investors, the first one who buys retail shops or office space for self-use and the second one who bought it for pure rental income and sell when getting some appreciation. 

So if you are buying it for your self-use, you can buy any size according to your uses, but if you are buying it for pure rental or appreciation income, then go for virtual space or buy at least minimum 1000 sq ft carpet area, because if you buy a small shop or office space for rental income you hardly get any brand. 

The brands or multinational companies want the bigger space for their operations. And there are several must require things such as dedicated bigger parking spaces, negotiations in CAM charges, specific signage, dedicated power backup, bigger space in a single floor plate, and several must require NOCs, which are very difficult to arrange by a small or individual investor. 

So that, before investing in any commercial project, talk to the developer, that you won't buy it for self-use, but for pure rental income, and handover/responsible it for the developer to lease out.

Otherwise, you won't get your expected appreciation or may get delayed appreciation or loss.

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Commercial Real Estate Project Investment Criteria Table

Prime Location Not very impressive C
Urban Rich Gentry Middle Class, Lower Middle Class. Only a few residential projects adjoined C
Prime Location BRONZE D
Connectivity 5-Minute drive from- Meerut Road.
Nearest Metro Station 15-Minutes (Hindon)
Domestic Airport-14Km (Hindon Airport)
Ghaziabad Railway Station-10Km
Layout Design Not very impressive C
Multiple Entries No C
Visibility Not very much visible, small frontage C
High-Density population Within 500-Meter radius more than 25-Thousand Flats and 1-Lakh urban rich people and can denser more in upcoming years. A
Youthful Footfall Meeruth Road Institutional Area A
Public Security Police Station -15-Minute
Fire Station 15-Minute
Industrial Area Within 3-Km, Meerut road industrial area B
Urban/Civic Facilities Maximum facilities available B
Developers Credibility Assess Yourself B
Price Comparison Higher price in comparison to other commercial projects/properties of the area C
Competitors Several competitors within a radius of 1-KM B
Expected ROI May takes a very long time C


VIDEO: KW- Delhi-6

Products & Developer
The KW Delhi-6 is under development by the KW Group (KW Homes Private Limited). It’s a purely commercial property. The KW Delhi 6, is consist of commercial retail shops, food courts, etc.

Builders Profile | Track Record

PREDECESSOR KW Homes Private Limited
FOUNDER Mrs. Savita Kesarwani
KEY PEOPLE Pankaj Kumar Jain, Mrs. Savita Kesarwani
PRODUCTS Apartments, Retail
AREA SERVED Delhi, Ghaziabad
PRODUCTS Apartments, Shopping Malls, Retail
PROJECTS COMPLETED (Residential) KW Srishti-Raj Nagar Extension
PROJECTS ONGOING (Commercial) KW Delhi-6, KW Blue Perl
COMMITMENT Quality Construction
RISK No Experience of mega commercial projects development & maintenance
DEBT Updating soon
LITIGATION  Updating soon
OFFICE ADDRESS  B-97, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Phone: +91-8010908888


Advantages | Good Factors
The developer of KW Delhi -6 commercial projects has successfully delivered residential project KW Srishti in the Raj Nagar Extension. KW Delhi 6 commercial is GDA (Ghaziabad Development Authority) approved project, so there is no legal hassle in this project.

KW Delhi-6 Price, Developers DeliveryTrack Record Comparison With Other surrounding Commercial Projects Of Raj Nagar Extension

KW Delhi-6 13,000-21,000 On-time
VVIP Mall 17,000-24,000 Ready, occupied
Ajnara Fragrance 16,000-20,500 June-2024
Migsun Migente 14,990-24,990 June-2024


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The investment of KW-Delhi-6 commercial retail shops may take a long time to grow. Our Advice, before investing, assesses the pros and cons.

CPR Ratings

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  1. Location is not approachable and layout of kw delhi 6 is also not good

    • Overpriced shops builder is making money by putting a huge profit margin on shops ..I went there once .I don’t know why people are investing in of 190 sft cost around 70 lac on Gf they gave 40 kiosks ohhhhhh godddd each kiosk costing 1 cr .hello are you kidding.and all shops are available for sale .builder will take exit from the project as soon as project will get sold

      • Well said Neeraj, Thank you for your valuable feedback

  2. Location of KW Delhi6 is good due to 25000 approximate flat already handed over in nearby location of KW Delhi6.
    Food court area design is excellent due to huge green area and water body.

  3. I have purchsed a commercial retail shop in 2007, in aditya mall indirapuram, shop is on 2nd floor, area 376 sq ft, , h v purchased that shop at a price of 8000 per sq ft, and now a days after 10 year, i got nothing appreciation in this property, while aditya mall indirapuram is in a very good location. and i m in 100% loss.

    Actually this sites feedback is 100% true, investment in a mall type peroperty is 100% loos, no mall type project,propety is running fine in Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater noida… so if any one want to invest in commercial projects, I suggest not to be invest in any mall kind of property

  4. I am staying in RajNagar Extension I have visited to this project, i analyze location is not suitable for investment, “agar ye project delhi ki teraf se rajnagar extension me entry karte hue GD goenka school se pehle hota to jyada suitable hota

  5. I visited kw Delhi 6 site ,not setisfied with this project in compare to other commercial projects

  6. I had visited this property 4 months back and then 1 week before the construction of this property is really appreciable and also construction is going very fast.

    Location is approchable and good.

    It is GDA approved and also it is under RERA.

    I was planning to invest in commercial property which comes under RERA rule.

    • Actually construction is not a matter, there r so many ready to move Mall type properties are available in ghaziabad, but they r not working fine , like RED MALL, ADITYA MAll indirapuram, JAIPURIA MALL, EROSE MALL, AND D mall, angel mega mall, kaushambi, supertech shopprix mall vaishali, Euro park sahibabad many more
      Above r dead investment, in above said properties investor r in 100% loss, and above said properties have much better location than kw delhi 6
      My friend don’t writ paid kind of comments

  7. Not a good investment option , not worthy , I advise, not investment in kW Delhi 6

  8. Absolutely 100% true feedback.
    I advise not to invest in kw delhi 6
    Or any mall kind of property in delhi ncr

  9. KW DELHI 6′ a 100% loss investment

    Design and location booth are very poor

  10. Buying a commercial shop in Mall, 100% loss, kw Delhi 6 is like a mall

  11. Price is very high, and location is also not very good, construction is on full swing, but after possession invester not get good returns

  12. Price is very very high, concept of Delhi 6 is no impresive, but construction is on time

  13. Price is very high for investment, location of kw delhi 6 is also noot very impresive

  14. I m resident of kdp grand savanna rajnagar extension, I visited this project two times, price is very very high for investment, they are offering me assured rental, 125/_ rs per sq ft per month, for that they asking me 6k per sq ft more.

  15. Hello friends
    I have visited three times to this project KW Delhi-6

    I think For a small investor its bettter to go for small retail residential society markets and pick up road facing Ground floor shops in the Raj Nagar extension area if any one want to invest here, otherwise go to other high density residential area

    Overall in the Raj Nagar extension, Ghaziabad has one of the worst plannings for commercial development, the GDA not done their job well.

    These so called builder commercials hage 50% loading, You pay for 600 sq.ft and get 300 sq.ft only to use, somewhere there is more than 50% loading

    Maintenance will be approx rs. 20-25 psf..


    Never invest in any Mall or Mall type property in Ghaziabad….

    Kw Delhi 6, means Marketing Marketing and Marketing…..

    Dikhawey pe mat jaao

    Apni akal lagaoo !!!!!!!

    Keep it simple and keep it real

    Remember its REAL estate……not VIRTUAL ESTATE

  16. Hi, Friends,
    i read this fantastic article and comments, it is relay very helpful to every commercial real estate investors, actually its a very good eye opener feedback.

    this is really really true that the successful Malls have at least 75% area under builder for lease only….. not for sale
    Any Mall Open for sale will get defective. We need brands to make a Mall run not the investors. brands deal with developer not individual small investors.

    and the lease guaranty is nothing its a marketing trick… to make investors fool

  17. Hello friends…
    after reading this article and comments… i quit impressed.

    the KW Delhi-6 is not like the high street open market , like the Vvip style.

    the location of the KW Delhi-6 is also opposite side of the raj nagar extension bypass.

    It is true that raj nagar extension is a high density population area and commercial property is good investment in the high density-area, but a Mall type property is not fit in this scenario.

    Actually, the KW-Delhi-6 is on the concept of Mall.And in a mall type property investment is now wise

  18. concept, location, layout design and marketing is very bad of KW Delhi-6, Raj Nagar Extension.

  19. Hello everyone, I have just gone through the review and felt it is close to practical. It is not at all worth to invest such type of property where are investment amount is more then what you will get return in next 9 years.
    Even if we go with builder some assured plan 250 sft rental plan for 9 years still we will not get the principle amount what we invested instead keeping in bank will give good return with peace of mind.


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