Review : Investment in Mall of Saya, Noida Extension, Loss or Profit

Project Review : The Mall of Saya is situated in Buddha Chowk, Noida Extension (Greater Noida West). This project is under developing by the Saya builders. It’s a Mall type commercial property. The Mall of Saya consists of commercial retail shops, office spaces, movie theaters, banquet hall, Hotel, food courts, 11-screen multiplex and entertainment facilities etc. The Mall of Saya commercial shops and office space are available in various sizes.

Possession | Construction Update
At present, the Mall of Saya is in Pre-Launch stage. Construction does not start till date. The promised date of delivery of the project is in the month of December 2021. (Please Note: – Map not yet approved by the concerned authority).

Mall of Saya, Greater Noida West

As per Location | Layout Design
The Mall of Saya exists in the prime location of Noida Extension (Greater Noida West). It is located on the entry side 130 ft wide road of Buddha Chowk and surrounding with several residential societies, like The Cherry County, The Supertech Eco Village, The RG Residency, The Ajnara Home etc. It’s a three side open corner plot with 100% visibility. The Mall of Saya, Noida Extension is properly visible to all passers coming from Kishan Chowk, Crossings Republik, Village Shahberi, and surrounding residential societies of the Buddha Chowk. So we can say that the location of the Mall of Saya is very impressive.
The layout design is also very impressive. (Please Note: – Map not yet approved by the concerned authority).

Drawbacks | Bad Factors
The Kisan Chowk and Buddha Chowk of the Noida Extension have oversupplied commercial projects. This location already crosses the limit of commercial property development. Actually, there is no need for new commercial projects in this location of Noida Extension. i.e. Mall of Saya.

We strongly advise avoiding completely new launch, soft launch and primary stage under construction commercial projects of the Kisan Chowk & Buddha Chowk of Noida Extension.

As we analyze that the Mall of Saya, commercial spaces have a loading of more than 60%, it means a small shop of around 600 sq ft, may end only 240 sq ft carpet area. And it is too much. And so far none of the NCR builders did such too much loading on the super area in their commercial projects.

The Mall of Saya, Noida Extension, location is prime but in this prime location, several other under construction Mall type properties also exists in this same location, like, The Gaur City Mall, The Galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza, The Galaxy Diamond Plaza, The Boulevard Walk Mall, The Fusion Ufairia, The Mahagun Mall, The NX-One, The Sarvottam Golden i, The PKS Town Central and the IDI London Mart etc.

All above-said commercial projects s are within the 500-meter radius. And all these projects have same products. All are commercial/retail/office space/serviced apartments/studio apartments/Mall type properties.

So all above said commercial properties/projects are creating investment competition in this location. All above projects are under construction.

There is a big gap in the demand and supply. The supply is very high in comparison to demand of this same kind of commercial products/projects/properties in this same location of the Noida Extension.

So in future investors can face problems in leasing and selling their retail commercial shops and office spaces, studio apartments, serviced apartments in all above said commercial projects. As we advise while investing in all above properties/projects choose wisely.

Now the question is that, what’s the logic behind all these oversupply commercial? Is there any limit? Actually, there is no proper planning and re-planning for commercial development by the concern development authorities Of Uttar Pradesh government. i.e. Noida Authority (Greater Noida Authority).

How much commercial property is needed and when it is needed the Uttar Pradesh government has no planning. In fact, this is the collusion of the corrupt politician, government officers, and real estate developers. Actually, it’s a System failure and we all are the victims of this pre-planned cheating.

In the Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area, all Mall or Mall type properties are not a good and safe Investment options. The Maximum Investors who invested in Mall type properties are in 99% loss.

In the whole Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area only a few Mall is running fine like The Shipra Mall, Indirapuram, The GIP Mall, and The DLF Mall of India Noida, etc otherwise all other Mall type properties are an investment of 99% loss.

The construction and possession of this kind of project depend on the sale of shops/spaces, so the project may be the delay.

Mall of Saya, Greater Noida West

Actual Site Photograph

Advantages | Good Factors
The offer layout design of Mall of Saya is also very impressive. (Please Note: – Map not yet approved by the concerned authority).

The lower ground floor retail shops of this project are very impressive in compression to the upper ground floor of this project. All lower ground and upper ground floor road facing retail shops of this project are good for investment purpose. Especially the 24-meter road facing shops. (Please Note: – Map not yet approved by the concerned authority). and all above said things are subject to approve the final map.

The Saya builders have the good market reputation in real estate industry. He has successfully handover several residential and commercial projects in the Indirapuram & Greater Noida West. So the investor can invest in this project without any hassle.

The Mall of Saya has the proper parking space for stakeholders and visiting guests.

The point to be noted that according to our experience that the investment in any retail commercial shop/project should be done only when its external structure is visible. Only just looking at the map or in the soft launch or pre-launch stage of any retail commercial project and investing in it, is very risky.

For a small investor, it’s better to go for small residential societies/sector markets of Noida Extension and visible/pickup road facing ground floor retail commercial shops.

If anyone wants to invest in this location of Noida Extension (Kisan Chowk & Buddha Chowk) commercial properties we advice prefer advance stage construction projects or ready to move projects. We strongly advise avoiding soft launch/pre-launch/new launch/primary stage under construction projects of this location completely.

The commercial project which will give possession first in this location of Kisan Chowk & Buddha Chowk of the Greater Noida West can gives better returns in compression of other commercial projects of this location.
So all Investments better growth depends on the possession first. Because of at present there are no ready to move Mall type property/project available in this location of Noida Extension.

It is probably not the right choice of investment for those who are looking for ROI in the next year or so. There may not be a real appreciation of value for resale in next couple of years. The prices won’t very much hike at least for a couple of years because of the huge unsold commercial property on this location of Kisan Chowk & Buddha Chowk of Noida Extension.

The Mall of Saya lower ground floor road facing commercial retail shops is properly visible from outside main roads. These retail shops look like the high street retail shops. So we advise investment of lower ground floor and upper ground floor commercial retail shops will give excellent returns after possession of the project.

Key Point
This is really very strange, that in the location of Kisan Chowk & Buddha Chowk, there are more than 50 Screen/multiplex proposed in this location of Noida Extension. Can’t understand the logic behind 50 Screen for a new under developing locality. While if I compare this location to Indirapuram there are only three Mall and approx 12 screens. While the Indirapuram is a almost fully develop and high-density population area.

There is no planning or re-planning for commercial development in this location of Noida Extension (Greater Noida West) area by the Uttar Pradesh government or can say that the failure of the government. Actually, I think, politicians and builders pre-planned to loot our hard earned money in the name of investment and growth.

Price | Lease Price
Right now commercial retail shops are available in the Mall of Saya at the price INR Rs 20,500/- per sq ft on the upper ground floor and INR Rs 18,500/- per sq ft on the lower ground floor plus other charges.
The price is very high for investment in a pre-launch stage project.

The investment in the Mall of Saya will take more than 7-10 years to grow.
After analyses all above facts, that the investment in the Mall of Saya, Noida Extension, is 50-50, it can be the gain or not to be, but definitely not gain handsome returns.

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