Review : Investment in Boulevard Walk, Noida Extension, Loss or Profit


Project Review :The Boulevard Walk is situated in the Noida Extension (Greater Noida West). This project is under developing by the Home and Soul group. It’s a commercial property. Its a Mall type project. The Boulevard Walk consists of commercial shops, office spaces, movie theaters, serviced apartment and Hotel apartment etc.
The Boulevard Walk retail commercial shops and office space are available in various sizes.

Possession | Construction Update
The Boulevard Walk Mall is under construction. The promised date of delivery of the project is in the month of December-2018, but the construction work is very slow at this site, so the developer of The Boulevard Walk will hardly complete this project in the set time frame. The BW Walk Mall may be the delay for more couple of years.

Boulevard Walk Noida Extension, commercial

As per Location
The Boulevard Walk (BW Mall) is situated in the prime location of the Noida Extension (Greater Noida West), it is located on the entry side 130 ft wide road, connecting to the Crossings Republik and Kishan Chowk of Noida extension and other surrounding residential societies like the Amrapali Golf Homes and the Gaur City.

Drawbacks | Bad Factors
The Home Home and Soul group is not an experienced real estate developer. Basically, this group is related to the real estate brokerage firm Investors Clinic (IC). And this brokerage firm has not a good track record. The Investors Clinic (IC) is filling his pockets in the name of investment and growth, he may not concerned about the interests of investors. 

The Kisan Chowk and Buddha Chowk of the Noida Extension have oversupplied commercial projects. This location already crosses the limit of commercial property development.

It is fat, that Boulevard Walk (BW Mall) has a prime location project but in this prime location, several other prime location Mall type properties also exist, like, The Gaur City Centre, The Gaur City Mall, The Galaxy Diamond Plaza,  The Galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza,  The Mahagun Marina Walk, The IDI London Mart, The PKS Town Centra, The Fusion Ufairia Mall, The Mall of Saya, The Servottam Golden i, The NX One etc.

All above-said commercial projects are within the 500-meter radius. So all above said commercial properties/projects are creating investment competition at this location. There is a big gap in demand and supply. The supply is very high in comparison of demand of this same types of commercial projects/properties in this location.

All above-said commercial projects are under construction. So all these Mall type properties are creating investment competition. So the investors can face problems in leasing and selling their retail shops, office spaces, studio apartments, serviced apartments etc. And can face more critical conditions in the future.

The Maximum Mall or Mall type properties are not the good and safe investment options in the Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area. The maximum investors who invested in Mall type properties are in 99% loss.

Actually, only a few Malls is running fine in Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida area, like The Shipra Mall, The GIP Mall, The DLF Mall of India etc otherwise all other Mall type properties are the investment of 99% loss.

The construction and possession of The Boulevard Walk are depended on the sale of shops/spaces, so the project may be the delay.

Boulevard Walk Mall, greater noida west

Key Point | Advice
The Boulevard Walk (BW Mall) property is best suited if you are willing to hold onto a longer term for returns as it would take a couple of more years (or even more) for completion of the property and the market to appreciate in the locality. As for the location of the property is concerned it is a prime locality with all required amenities located within 2-3 km. And this is subjected to the completion of this project on the set time.

It is probably not the right choice of investment for those who are looking for ROI in the next year or so. Given the doubts surrounding the possession date, there may not be a real appreciation of value for resale in a year. In fact, investors who are trying to make a sale of their property in the Boulevard Walk are now struggling to reach their initial investment. Despite having brought their prices down, there aren’t any takers to buy these properties.

These days developer of the Boulevard Walk project offering buyers so many interesting payments plans to invest in this project/property, commercial retail shops, and office spaces, like the 12% assured return and the 50-50 payment plans etc.

That builder/project who offer this kind of investment offers is not in the category of secure investment. As our experience most assured return properties are an investment of loss.

Do not put your hard earned money in the builder’s seduction, assured return & lease guaranty properties are always an investment of risk. So invest wisely.

Basically, the assured return & lease guaranty is nothing, the real estate developers sell their low money property at a very higher price and return your hard earned money in the name of the assured return to you in the form of EMI. Actually, they are making you fool.

Price | Lease Price
Commercial retail shops are available in the Boulevard Walk Mall at the price INR Rs 21K per sq ft on the lower ground floor, INR Rs 7K per sq ft for office spaces, Hotel apartment price INR Rs. 8K per sq ft and furnished office space price INR Rs. 10K per sq ft, plus other charges.
The price is very high for investment in an under construction Mall type property which possession is uncertain.

These days developer of the Boulevard Walk Mall, offering many attractive schemes to customers for investment in this property, like the 12% assured return, lease guaranty, and 50-50 payment plan.

That builder/project who offers this kind of investment offers is not in the category of secure investment, as our experience most assured return properties are the investment of loss.

Actually, as we analyze that this project the Boulevard Walk can be the delay for more couple of years.

The investments in this property will take a very long time to grow and the price is also already on the higher side, and there is no scope for early growth.

CPR Rating : * *



  1. there are too much supply of Mall type projects in this location of noida extension….

    not a good investment …

  2. Construction of this project is very slow, builder can’t complete this project with in given time

  3. Town central and Gaur city mall Noida extension is much better project for investment

  4. Concept of bw mall noida extension is , good but there are too much supply of this type of commercially property, big confusion, what to do

    Any suggestions? For good investment

  5. Price is two high in this bw mall, noida extension

  6. What is scope of investment on hyper market in this projecttl

    • Masood bhai

      investment in this project hyper market is not wise.

      as there are too much supply for this type of space in this location, in a centralized mall type property maintenance cost will be very high.

      if you want to investment in commercial property, bye a ground floor retail main road facing shop in any projects in this location.

      I suggest you bye a shop in Amrapali golf homes main road facing shop, or gaur city mall can be a better option than boulevard walk.

      Ajnara Le Mart commercial shops is also a very good investment

  7. Construction is very very slow, I hv office space in this project , no apprection and resale, I feel that it’s total dead investment

    • Sir,

      I have shop in this project and I feel like robbed off my money. They are not even returning my money.
      I have already filed a case with consumer court.
      Hoping courts give befitting slap to such thieves.

      • Hi Guys, Any update on your booking? Are you getting 12% assured return? How about your office? When they are giving you possesion?

        • Jack bro
          When was the assured return supposed to start?
          Are you getting any money back?
          Thank you

      • Noor Bhai,
        Did consumer court helped in anyway ?

      • Are you getting assured return as they promised

  8. Gaur city mall much better investment than this project
    Office space is good investment

  9. What is the scope of investment in Augusta Arcade upper ground shop which is a part of Amrapali golf Home Greater Noida West.Cinstruction yet to start.Possession in 18 monthas.Rate Rs 15000/sq feet

  10. I’m looking a small investment for food court shop in boulevard walk.
    I m planning for long term or for rental purpose. Is that good for me?

  11. What are future prospects for this property selling studio apartments?
    As they are offering 12% assured return on possession and lease guarantee as well. Also they are giving possession till March 2020.

  12. If anyone want commercials space office and retail shops in Noida extension contact me.

  13. Dear sir

    I m getting a shop of 197 sq feet in 4th-floor opp gaming zone counter at a price of approx 12800/sq feet.
    I am planning to purchase it from investment view to get a monthly rent for the lifetime, would it be a good investment in nearby future as there are a lot of malls and tough competition in the commercial market?
    Thanks in advance


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